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Hollywood Needs To Leave Mean Girls Alone

This year Hollywood has made several movies or is currently in the process of making new ones, such as “Mean Girls”, for example. “Mean Girls” was a movie about the book. It was released on April 30, 2004. In the movie, the fashion was Y2K, which is clothing that includes high-contrast colors, low-rise jeans, and flip phones.

Instead of the Y2K fashion, the new “Mean Girls” movie, which is coming out January 12, 2024, decided not to use that type of fashion.

This doesn’t make sense to me because they could’ve just left the first movie alone, and the least they could do was make the clothing look good.

I don’t know how to explain their clothes exactly but it looks like pink barfed all over them.

In the original “Mean Girls”, they wore pink but they didn’t wear shades that didn’t match. 

The “Mean Girls” outfits were so cute in the movie. And although the movie was written by men about young girls, it was still oddly relatable.

Personally, I hate it when they make new versions of movies to try to make them “more relatable” because they end up just ruining the movie. 

Especially when they try to speak “like Gen Z”, using “girlie pop” or “slay”. It just makes me cringe. 

Another thing I don’t like about the new “Mean Girls” movie is when I was watching the trailer, the new Regina said the quote, “Get in losers.”

 Honestly, it’s the way she said it that made me mad. 

In the old “Mean Girls” movie, Regina used that quote perfectly. She pulled up and said, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” 

She had sunglasses on and pulled up in a really nice car too. And she said it with confidence.

This new Regina seems as if she has less confidence. She said her line as if she was talking while she was in a library, and did this weird smirk after it, like she was in an edit.

From the trailer, it didn’t seem like they changed too much, but at the same time, they did.

The original cast from “Mean Girls” was so perfect and they fit their characters perfectly, but with this new cast, it’s just off.  

They don’t even look like they are teens at all. I mean, the old cast weren’t teens either but at least they looked the part.

In this new cast, they look way older and don’t really give off the vibe that they are teenagers.

Regina, in the old movie, actually looked like a mean girl. The new Regina, on the other hand, looks like she’s a sweet girl.

I think Hollywood should just leave iconic movies alone. All they have to do is be creative and come up with something original.

Instead, Hollywood thinks they are making these movies more relatable, but in reality, they are really just ruining these movies. 

If they wanted another “Mean Girls” movie they could’ve made a second one.

Other than that, it doesn’t look horrible, but it definitely isn’t going to be as good as the original.

Although they did change a lot, a couple of key moments and items stayed the same.

In the trailer, we see the key things that were also used in the “Mean Girls” movie from 2004. 

We get a glimpse of the Burn Book, Regina’s famous R necklace, the jingle bell performance, the gym apology trust falls, Janice’s purple outfit for prom, and the speeding school bus. 

Overall, I think Hollywood should change a few things, but it is a little creative that they are branching from the original. I think I’ll still give the movie a try once I am able to watch it at home. 

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