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The discussion of Black culture and Cowboy Cartier show the underlying concept of the cultural appropriation within the history of country (Parkwood Entertainment).

The Commodification of Black Culture and ‘Cowboy Carter”

Caleb Pratt, Section Editor May 2, 2024

Since its formation, America has continually diminished, degraded, devalued Black American culture while simultaneously being integral to America culture.  For many Black Americans, their identity...

 An illustration of the Israeli Flag, displaying the Star of David symbol (U.S Department of State).


Scarlet Vandegrift, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

Antisemitism.  It’s a word they teach us in high school. One we finally learn the definition of in an English class during sophomore year.  It’s an action we are told about in middle school,...

Strawberries are often an underrated fruit, despite its many amazing qualities (

Strawberries Deserve Better

Ronnie Malley-Garrison, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

Summer is just around the corner, meaning seasonal fruits and fashion are making their comeback. Some of the most recognizable are strawberries and cherries. Strawberries are my favorite fruit. I love...

The organillo is a portable barrel organ that plays melodies on a large hand-cranked music box (Wikimedia Commons).

No es ruido, es música

Aniah Barron, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

29-year-old model Breanna Claye, an American who has been living in Mexico for eight months, recently got called out on social media for posting a story on Instagram complaining about the instrument, organillos....

Art is artistic not only in the end product, but also in its process-therefore finding meaning even in unseen art (Freepik).

Intent Behind Creation

Cedar Delgado McNair, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

Art is one of the few things that make humans truly human. The joy of creation is a characteristic that is only seen in us. So, it’s only natural that many of us would be inclined to create. Especially...

Hookup culture leads to overall dissatisfaction within students, and should not be normalized (Getty Images).

Home Runs Shouldn’t Be Easy

Mariah Disney, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

To hit a home run, a batter generates power through their swing, connects squarely with the pitched ball, and launches it high and deep enough to clear the outfield fence. This process is methodical,...

Its often argued that listening to audiobooks does not count as reading, although the content is all the same (Pngtree).

Listen: Audiobooks ARE Reading

Aleish Cuaresma, Web Manager May 2, 2024

A longtime debate in the book world is whether or not audiobooks are considered to be real reading or not. Audiobooks are essentially just voice recordings of books, whether it be a school textbook...

Learning to romanticize your life and appreciate what you have leads to a brighter look at life (Blugraphic).

Why You Should Romanticize Your Life

Paloma Corrales, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

Romanticizing your life begins with you. This doesn’t mean you have to waste your money or spend a lot on new clothing, but rather be grateful and appreciative for what you already have and what you’re...

Although AI poses a massive amount of benefits and advancements for society, it takes away from the intrinsic value art holds (Freepik)

Brushstrokes of Tomorrow

Mariah Disney, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has infiltrated the realm of artistic expression, offering a palette of possibilities for creators in the arts industry.  Visionaries, like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj,...

Junior Nina Wood is pictured holding their white Owala waterbottle.

Owala or Stanley

Morgan Johl, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

There is quite a difference between Owala and Stanleys, but the main question is which one is the best.  Both products are popular insulated cups to hold a wide variety of drinks.  Owala has hit...

Despite both countries needing grocery stores for food, many British citizens judge American grocery stores when visiting (Freepik).

The Brits Have Beef with Our Grocery Stores

Cameron Croll, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

One thing that makes me especially proud to be an American citizen is the British’s deep-cut hatred for us. The smallest complaint from the English has me ready to proudly defend my country. Recently,...

Relationships do not need to end when college begins, and many couples enter this new era of life with each other.

Why Breaking Up For The “College Experience” Is Stupid

Madison Collins, Editor-in-Chief April 11, 2024

The “College Experience” is an infamous aspect of young adulthood; partying every night, ingesting various, totally ‘legal’, substances, and sticking your tongue down the throat of any person in...

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