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Ariana Grande Fragrances

It is no secret Ariana Grande’s perfume collection is a fun and fancy way to collect fragrances. Ever since her first release “Ari” in 2015, her collection has grown and been popularized throughout recent years, making collecting her perfumes a fan-favorite way to spend their money on her.

“Ari” is a luscious fragrance known for its floral and fruity smell, with a touch of wood to even out the scent. The fragrance is just as gorgeous as the scent. The bottle is round with rose gold liquid which includes a white pompom. 

To match it, in 2016, Ariana Grande released “Sweet Like Candy and Frankie”, her only unisex fragrance. Unlike the last, “Sweet Like Candy” is more focused on the sweetness. It is the most obvious part of the scent. However, “Frankie”, a limited edition fragrance, is a more flirty and woody scent at once. Both of them have the same bottle as “Ari”, except “Sweet Like Candy” has a full soft pink bottle where you can’t see the liquid, and “Frankie” has the same except in a strong silver.

Moonlight is also part of that same bottle collection, and the last one. It is a more mysterious and galactic scent and the bottle completely fits the theme. With an eccentric prismatic bottle of light blue and purple, the pastel purple pom pom helps add a touch to the mystical factor of the fragrance.

Fast forward to 2018, Grande changed things up. Releasing “Cloud’ with a different bottle and vibe helped grow her diversity in fragrances. A dreamy scent with a light blue bottle that came with a cloud stand changed her audience’s view of her creativity. The fresh smell of lavender and pear helped her audience reach the sky.

Grande’s major song hit “Thank U, Next” could not have been better celebrated than by adding a matching perfume. “Thank U, Next” captured the essence of her song with the bottle design and scent. With a delicate floral scent with a hard-hitting edge, to match her Cloud perfume, the perfume has a breaking heart stand. This genius idea captivates her search for love after going through a breakup once more.

“R.E.M.” is a flashback towards her “Moonlight” perfume. Back to that mystical and eccentric vibe, the use of salted caramel and sandalwood helps derive this from her last perfume. The bottle goes back to that unique crystal idea with the stand having spontaneous crystal shapes around the perfume. She uses the same colors as her “Moonlight” perfume, a clear reference to her out-of-this-world aesthetic.

In 2021, Grande had three perfumes in total. “Thank U, Next 2.0”, “Cloud 2.0’, and a new fragrance based on a song once more, ‘God Is A Woman’. The most remarkable of these three perfumes were “Cloud 2.0” and “God Is A Woman”. Still sticking to her Moonlight vibe, she makes this fragrance a fresh yet luxurious feeling. The light purple bottle and unique rectangular bottle with a white stand that sneak peeks the liquid within further show her dedication and love towards this aesthetic.

In 2022, two new presumptions came out. Matching bottles, but different vibes. The “Mod Blush” (pink bottle) and “Mod Vanilla” (creme bottle) came out on the same day. “Mod Vanilla”’s dark plum smell completely contrasts “Mod Blush”’s fruity and fresh scent. The two match so well yet contrast so much at the same time.

This year, 2023, Ariana Grande released a newer version of “Cloud”. Same bottle, except it’s… pink. “Cloud Pink” smells like vanilla, much like “Mod Vanilla”, it gives a very cozy and warming feeling when smelling it. There are some parts of it that you can still identify with the original “Cloud”, it gives it a nostalgic feeling when smelling it.

The Ariana Grande perfumes have always gathered a huge amount of success for their sweetness, nostalgic feelings, and uniqueness. The iconic smells they give are easy to remember and are worth a try.

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