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Ignoring Our Wars

TW: Violence, references to violence

The bomb is set. 

And as it explodes, the wounding of indifference and accusatory fury rips the bonds set between the human people. 

And as it explodes, war erupts beneath the fingertips pulling the triggers and controlling the machines of massacre. 

And as it explodes, we are forced to ask a question and react to an attack. We are forced to confront the trembling interrogative of confusion: “What now?” 

Current global conflicts seem to be the great staccato in horrific imaginings and fears. Ukraine is still in total peril as innocent citizens try to recover from the destruction of Vladimir Putin’s continuous warfare. Palestine and Israel are at each other’s throats after the militant organization Hamas issued an air strike.

But why should the American people be focused on the two conflicts? For those who do not have cultural ties to Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, or Israel, for those who are not a part of the 2.4 percent Jewish population in the United States, for those who are not a part of the 1.1 percent Muslim population in the United States, why should one care whether a Ukrainian endures torture or a Palestinian dies?

Why should one care if a Jew is faced with bigotry for the war in Israel? 

Why should one care if a RussianAmerican is blamed for the attacks on Ukraine?

So many are facing consequences and punishments for actions they did not commit. 

Muslims and people of the Arab ethnicity have been blamed for the attack of September 11th. Japanese-Americans were placed in Internment camps after the events of Pearl Harbor. Jews of all races and cultures are being discriminated against because of the Israeli-issued attacks on the Gaza Strip. 

People across the globe are reverting to their predatory ways, using cutting words, images, and storms of fury to debate arguments that do not drastically affect their culture or families. The human race is disintegrating into anger to enforce the collapse of vital civilizations.  

If we do not stand up for ourselves right now, why should we be allowed or expected to take a stand when we are enduring the potential downfall of our universal society? 

Younger generations across the globe must be informed. We all need to be educated on the sacrifices and torture of refugees and hostages our age. 

We need to be informed of the national fears of indigenous minorities, especially immigrants whose native countries of heritages are in violent conflict. 

Everyone is expected to be terrified when they are notified of prejudices and injustices leading to bloodshed. 

But that terror is amplified in those who have direct cultural ties to the countries facing peril. 

Jewish hate has increased since the Israel-Gaza conflict began. 

Palestinian protests have blazed through the nation, and world, whether those protests are organized out of desired liberty or potential fear. As the conflict rages in Israel and Gaza, PalestinianAmericans have also faced harsh discrimination. 

Ukrainian refugees have fled to national borders, including the United States, to seek safety. However, those Native immigrants continuously watched and read the news being reported about the Russo-Ukrainian war. Ukrainian Americans are also remaining diligent and informed about the bombings in Ukraine. 

RussianAmericans have faced heightened cruelty and hate mainly due to their heritage and culture. 

Through all of these wars, so many have been targeted for crimes they did not commit. The American people of these four Indigenous and transformative cultures are not allowed to display their heritage. 

They are not allowed to display their fears and beliefs about the global conflicts in their own countries! 

And these people who have been discriminated against are not just adults. 

Peersour peershave faced these awful angry outbursts for their beliefs, skin color, and customs. 

The younger age group of the world’s population does not have to take a stand against the violence. 

We do not have to risk our collective lives to shout at the top of our lungs at a protest. But we must be informed of all injustices. Whether they occur in our homeland or an international land an ocean away, we must stay informed. 

From the dawn of the 21 century, populations across the globe have found scientific evidence to suggest the end of the world. Severe climate change and viral diseases have heightened fears over the destruction of societies. The environment suffers through pollution and humanization every day. 

However, these violent global conflicts have the full potential to end the world. 

Societies across the globe are already morphing into the worst dystopia known to man. Buildings have crumbled to dust and innocents are being thrown under the control of violent oppressors. 

The Gaza Strip has been reduced to a pile of dust. Ukraine is still in cinders due to the Russian conflict and violence. Innocent Israelis face the awful ruthlessness of Hamas, and Ukrainians continue to face the harmful hand of Russia’s government. 

Hostages remain in the custody of the militant group, Hamas, and face terrors the present global population cannot imagine or swallow. 

Human beings are ripped from universal kindness as they are forced to face the reality of conflict. 

Without information, we remain ignorant. And when we remain ignorant, the American people are sure to fall into the menacing claws of a hateful and oppressive government. 

And when the final strand of dystopia is woven into our tapestry of history, the United States, as well as the universal means of humanity, will flicker out like a dancing flame on a candlestick.

Stay informed. Follow current articles and news stories. View common news channels to gain tidbits of information on the global conflicts and the violence that is brewing in international lands. 

Remain diligent. Rise above the hatred and immaturity of the general population. Instead of falling into the instinctual patterns of rage and violence, learn to be professional in public and be kind to all people and cultures. You have no idea what someone is facing at home or in their personal lives. 

Doctors Without Borders and Relief for Refugees are clubs on Los Osos High School’s campus that bring awareness to global conflicts across the world. Doctors Without Borders is holding a fundraiser to provide care for innocent Palestinians. Relief for Refugees is a club that informs the public of the Russo-Ukrainian war and focuses on current global violence and injustices. 

And above all, have empathy for those who have to experience the violent uproars in their culture and native countries.

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