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Girls Pin Them Down

Girls wrestling is one of the many growing girls sports in our nation, and here at Osos it’s no exception. Osos girls are ready to pin down any match ahead of them. 

Historically, wrestling has been perceived as a predominantly male sport at both the collegiate and high school levels. However, the past few decades have witnessed a significant increase in the participation of high school girls in wrestling programs especially here at Osos. 

High school girls wrestling has not only broken gender barriers but has also challenged stereotypes surrounding female athletes. Wrestlers like Helen Maroulis, who became the first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling, serve as inspirations for high school girls looking to make their mark in the sport. 

Wrestling can contribute to many key aspects such as the physical and mental development for young women, empowering athletes, and building confidence. 

Head coach for Los Osos, Jeff Brehmeyer, states, “Joining any sport or activity is a great opportunity to learn so many life skills such as time- management, dependability, grit, perseverance, teamwork, and so many more. Wrestling is not different. Wrestling is very demanding, we workout throughout the year, both in the weight room as well as in the wrestling room. It can be a grind – you have to be willing to sacrifice some things in order to be part of the team. That is an important life lesson- every choice you make comes with trade-offs and different responsibilities. My job as a coach is to help our wrestlers grow as wrestlers, but more importantly, as people.” 

While the growth of high school girls wrestling is undoubtedly a positive trend, here at Osos we give the opportunity to grow the sport of girls wrestling for all girls to try. 

If you think that it might be something that you want to do, there is no harm in trying. You are able to come up and watch a practice or go to a wrestling club/ academy and try it out for a month or two. 

At Osos, we have an amazing wrestling academy, Bear Wrestling Academy, which can help wrestlers learn the basics and build up on the knowledge of certain skills. This is a great opportunity for the girls and boys to learn what wrestling is really like. 

In regards to the girls wrestling team here at Osos, there is a close family feeling with one another, and the friendships developed within the wrestling team creates a supportive community where we as athletes can thrive and inspire each other to reach new heights. 

Varsity wrestler, Janina Morales, said “ I think it’s such a memorable and transformative experience for all girls who join. We’re more than people who play the same sport, we’re a team. We all support one another and that’s what makes the sport special to us. Wrestling, girls wrestling, to me is another form of girlhood. I’ve put myself through the sport, and found a new form of sisterhood in it.” 

Overall, within the realm of wrestling we have found the determination of young women breaking barriers in pursuit of their athletic hopes and dreams. As we encourage the growth and impact of high school girls wrestling, let us recognize the coaches and communities fostering an environment where every young woman can step onto the mat with pride and passion, knowing that her journey is a crucial part of a larger, empowering narrative.


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