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The soccer team of Los Osos High School has been around for some time. It is no secret that the teams are good. 

Now it is that time of the year again in which soccer teams are competing again.

While it is fun to watch soccer from afar, here at Los Osos everyone has their own experience with soccer. The boy’s soccer team trains very hard to prepare themselves for the real games they have coming. As for the girl’s team, they work hard so they can be ready by the time they have to play with another school’s team.

“I’m on the Frosh Team,” said Izabella Martinez, sophomore, “I like to play soccer because I have played it for a while, it’s my childhood sport”, she adds, “I like what I do, and I also like to talk about the practices and activities I do.”

Soccer is not only about the scores, it is still important to acknowledge the life behind the soccer players.

Martinez says she has played this sport and chose to for a long time because of her childhood. She has been dedicated to playing this since she was a little girl.

Small things like this are important to acknowledge and remember when we think about soccer. It is interesting to the player’s backstory as to why they began playing and why they still do now. 

We know how tiring this sport can get for some of the students that are part of it here, but we can assure you that that won’t stop them from playing.

The girls from the team are often tired after practice, so they go home afterward and rest. This is a routine they repeat until the game seasons begin. 

Soccer is different for everyone, and for some, it even has deeper meanings to them.

Relationships and friendships are a bonus to joining soccer. Apart from doing what you like and are interested in, you also get to know new people who also like doing what you do.

This is a good way to make new friends and connections.

The last game played by any of the girls’ soccer teams was played on February 2, 2023. Now, the winter season for the girls’ soccer team is around again, and they will have to compete against other schools. 


Usually, the girls train all year round and then during December play. The varsity girl’s soccer team won 9 games all season last year. 

Last year, the head coach Diego Back brought back the gold medal. He coached in the national Olympics for Mexico.

This was a great way to represent Los Osos. 

Training for the Varsity girl’s soccer team includes weightlifting, pilates, running, lunges, jogging, and more. 

As for the team, Diego Back is the head coach, with J. Ochoa and Carlos Perez as the two assistant coaches. 

They prepare the girls and help them stay on track.

Of course, there is always room for new players who want to join. You have an opportunity each year to join the soccer team. Although the spots are always reserved, this is something that happens every year. 

For example, if you didn’t make the soccer team during your freshman year, you still have an opportunity next year.

Not everyone is guaranteed to get in, but it is a spot open for everyone and anyone. We hope to see our girls and boys succeed this year.

With the best of luck, hopefully, we get more wins than we did last season. This is a chance to improve and show them what we worked on.


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