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The slippery ball is kicked up, as it flies through the air, and begins its descent, legs are getting ready to jump, and heads are preparing for the impact of the ball. 

The audience is at the edge of their seats as the anticipation begins to build on whose feet the ball will land. 

The boy’s soccer season has officially started to pick up, the practices began soon after tryouts from Monday through Thursday at the beginning of November, and the games officially started in January.  

At the start of the season the boys played games of scrimmage; while it’s not an official game, Aymen Bargicho says, “it is to prepare for preseason, then preseason to 

prepare for the season.” The scrimmages are a great way for them to practice their skills and strategy for the upcoming games.

Soccer is a mixture of communication and instinct, one must learn how to read another player’s body language and be able to communicate just by a single look. 

Players must also rely on their instincts and trust themselves to make the right call, as to whether they should pass the ball o

r keep it. The players have a millisecond to make a decision that could cost their team the game or end up being the goal that slips past the opposing goalie’s fingers and into the net.

While it puts a lot of pressure on the players, it is one skill set that allows the audience a glimpse into the mind of the player. It surprises people every time they see the way the player’s mind operates when it is put under pressure. In the split second, they see the ball being kicked, and the eyes begin to unfold the play that the player hopes works out in their favor. 

While players don’t get the luxury of thinking about what-if questions, it is the game the audience likes to play when it comes to watching soccer. 

At the start of the season, it is crucial that soccer players find a way to communicate and have a connection with their teammates and coaches. It is a necessary bond that must be built in order for the team to excel in soccer. They have to be able to rely on and trust one another while playing the game. 

The coaches are responsible for making the game plays and scheduling games. 

While the players determine the outcome of the game, the coaches also play a huge part in how well they train each skill and position, which is seen on the field. The coaches are the support and foundation needed to keep the team functioning, and successful.

The behaviors and strategies the players demonstrate on the field are also a reflection of how the coach trains and prepares the players

 for the games. During the game, it’s up to the players to hone the skill that they are taught and put it to use on the field..

Soccer teaches its players a lot more than how to kick a ball with your right and left foot while running, most importantly it offers skills necessary for one’s future as well. One of the head coaches, coach Solorza says “I enjoy working with young boys and girls for that matter, coaching, preparing them for some life skills, teamwork, and how to work with other people.” 


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