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Embarrassment is Fake

Embarrassment is a big part of our life; we do something we find shameful and immediately regret it. It’s that moment when your face turns red and you feel like you want to hide from everybody. Although this recurring emotion comes and goes, it’s important to realize that this “feeling” doesn’t actually exist.

Embarrassment is an illusion, we create this image in our heads that supposedly helps us from doing things we will regret later. But the truth is, we’re only limiting ourselves from doing what we want. 

Nothing is embarrassing unless you see it as embarrassing, emphasis being on the “unless you see it”.

Embarrassment is an element that we all fear most, and it’s also stopping us from committing to certain things we want to do.

I’ll use myself as an example: when it was the first day of freshman year, I had this mindset where I wanted to talk to as many people as possible in order to make new friends. But the second I stepped into my first period class, I felt small. I wanted to talk and express myself, but seeing others made me feel trivial.

It wasn’t until the next day where I found myself being more open and having full conversations with people I didn’t even know. I realized nobody really cared, everyone was so focused on if they looked good or how they spoke. I managed to realize this just by observing the way people acted and talked.

This brings me to my next point: stop trying to make yourself small to fit in. No one fits in.

I was able to gather most of this information because of my own previous experiences. I spent a lot of my time making myself small in order to not embarrass myself in front of others. I was afraid of what they would say or think.

Either way, if they were to think I was cringe, it didn’t matter. It would be on their mind for a minute before they were back to their own problems and their life.

Do what you want, wear what you want, and say what you want. Stop trying to be like somebody else because no matter how much you try to change to fit in, you’re always going to stand out somehow.

Stop draining your energy to make others satisfied nobody cares anyway.

There are some people on this campus who have such great style and they don’t care how they’re going to be perceived by others, but this is because they only care how they perceive themselves. 

Of course, it is going to take time in order to make yourself believe that everything you do isn’t embarrassing, but try. Be delusional. Nobody finds it embarrassing and nobody cares unless you do.

Your life revolves around you and you only. You don’t live around anybody else’s mindset, you live around your own.

Being in your delusional state and realizing nothing is embarrassing really gives you the freedom to be your authentic self. It stops you from having those self-doubts and negative thoughts.

Remember, the only person that actually stops you from doing what you want is you. Learn to control your thoughts instead of having them control you. 

If this situation is what you really want to do, then do it. Don’t let yourself stay unhappy just to please others who, in reality, do not care.

I can speak for myself. Whenever someone says the wrong answer or falls down or does something embarrassing, it’s on my mind for 30 seconds before I realize I don’t care.

Stop wasting your life and start fixing it. It only matters what you think.

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