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Blue-Eyed Samurai and Modern Animation

Photo Credit: IMDB

In recent years animation has proved itself to be a viable and revolutionary medium. With strong movies such as “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish”, “Spider-man: Across the Spider Verse”, and many others. 

Animation has diverted away from being a “childish” medium, not only for movies but for TV shows too. 

“Blue-eyed Samurai” is an animated TV show focusing on a blue-eyed samurai named Mizu, who lives and thrives in ancient Japan. Japan shunned foreigners and eventually considered the “white men” to be something akin to demons. 

Mizu is mixed, her father being one of the four white men who went to Japan. She holds this with resentment and vows to kill all four of those white men for making her someone society hates. 

There’s only one season right now, you can find it on Netflix. 

Despite there being only one season, I feel it should be said that this show is objectively one of the best-animated series we’ve seen in a long time. 

With a compelling story and characters—the main character also being incredibly attractive definitely helps—as well as good messages and beyond ethereal visuals, it’s safe to say that “Blue-Eyed Samurai” is really a masterpiece. 

A lot of the scenes make the viewer hold their breath, with suspense and a genuine rush of adrenaline during the fight scenes. 

The first villain is perfect too: Albija Fowler, one of the four white men in Japan. He is, to put it simply, one of the best and worst characters ever. 

He is a horrible person, a villain you really love to hate. Albija has no regrets and no remorse for what he does or who he hurts. 

Albija is big in stature, and an experienced fighter. And in the scenes where he and Mizu are together, the viewer can’t look away from the screen. 

If you want to binge-watch a beautiful show, I can not recommend “Blue-Eyed Samurai” enough. 

To say that this show is one of the foundations for really bringing animation out of the depths of “kids content” clutches is very ambitious. 

Although it’s the only thing that I can think of that will do it enough justice. 

Quickly, society is seeing how Animation is becoming increasingly popular and stylized. 

No longer are the days of bubbly shapes and thick lines. Animators are branching out into more stylized content. 

Aside from “Blue-Eyed Samurai”, using Spider-man: Across the Spider Verse is a phenomenal example of this. The animation there is gritty and interesting. 

It’s new. 

Blue Eyed Samurai, while not immediately noticeable, will be one of the major stepping stones in turning animation into a more respected art form. 

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