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“My Demon” Review

“My Demon” with SongKang and Kim Yoo-jung follows a marriage of convenience between an heiress and a demon bodyguard. (Photo by Studio S Binge Works)

Spoilers for “My Demon”

“My Demon” is a Korean drama (K-drama) recently released on Netflix from November 24 to January 20, with two episodes per week. This drama is not so popular in Korea as of now, but the rest of the world seems to think otherwise. 

As of January 14, “My Demon” is ranked fourth on Netflix’s Global Top 10 List (non-English). 

This 16-episode drama is filled with many plot twists; some that surprise the audience, and some that the audience expected. It is comedic, romantic, and action-packed all at once.

The show starts with a 200-year-old demon named Jeong Gu-won, played by Song Kang. He makes deals with humans, and grants wishes to humans who are in need of it desperately, but in return, their souls must go to hell in ten years. A black cross tattoo on his wrist gives him powers. 

Do Do-hee, played by Kim Yoo-jung, is introduced next. Her parents died in a car crash when she was only 11, and their close friend, Joo Cheon-suk, also known as Madam Ju (played by Kim Hae-sook), raised Do Do-hee. 

Noh Suk Min is the eldest child of Madam Ju and is planning on taking over Madam Ju’s position as chairwoman of Mirae Group. He is worried that she might hand this position to Do Do-hee since she is most favored by Madam Ju, even though she is not her real daughter. He plots many events against Do Do-hee in an attempt to murder her and makes his son, Noh Do Kyung (played by Kang Seung Ho), do all the work. 

While making a deal with Do Do-hee, the tattoo on Gu-won’s wrist transfers to Do Do-hee, and Gu-won realizes that he lost his powers, and can only use his powers if he is holding on to her wrist with the tattoo.

They make a marriage pact/deal (a fake marriage). Gu-won could hold Do Do-hee’s wrist whenever he needed to, and in exchange, he must protect Do Do-hee whenever she is in danger.

Through this fake marriage, both Do Do-hee and Gu-won start experiencing feelings toward each other. Gu-won, who never believed in love, started to feel confused. 

Soon after, Madam Ju dies of cancer, and Do Do-hee feels completely devastated. She has already lost her parents, Madam Ju, and is afraid the same thing will happen to Gu-won. She begins to push him away, but he then confesses his love for her. 

After surviving countless times of attempted murders by Noh Suk Min and Noh Do Kyung, the tattoo transfers back to Gu-won somehow and he gets his powers back.

I very much enjoyed the comedic romance that occurred in the next few episodes. It gave the audience a sense of peace after they both nearly escaped death quite a few times. The two actors Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung have really strong and amazing chemistry together and even won the Best Couple Award at the 2023 Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) Drama Awards. 

Do Do-hee then finds out that both Madam Ju and Gu-won had participated in the killing of her parents. She was both in shock and denial that the people she trusted most betrayed her. Gu-won then leaves her as he feels guilty and hopes for her to be happier without him. In this period, both Do Do-hee and Gu-won were very depressed. 

Noh Suk Min attempts to kill Do Do-hee yet again, and of course, Gu-won comes to the rescue! I was expecting this miracle to happen, but it was still a very exciting episode to see them finally reunite. 

But then, Noh Suk Min picks up a gun and pulls the trigger. Do Do-hee moves in front of Gu-won to shield him, and dies. At this point, tears were falling down my face, as I hoped that Gu-won would somehow save Do Do-hee.

He could save the dead, only the result is his spontaneous combustion. Gu-won saves Do Do-hee and dies. 

The last couple of episodes were very hard to watch. Does Do-hee was falling into a state of depression because of Gu-won’s death?

Overall, this K-drama touched my heart and made me feel all sorts of emotions. I really connected with all the characters and it felt like the drama was happening in real life.”

— Kari Fu

A few days after Gu-won’s death, on Christmas Day, Do Do-hee makes a wish, though knowing it won’t be granted. She wished for Gu-won back. Noh Sook Nyeo, another demon in this drama (played by Cha Chung Hwa) granted Do Do-hee’s wish and brought Gu-won back to life. She did this because of a deal she made with Gu-won a while back. 

Everyone watching, including me, was overjoyed, with happy tears this time, that there was a happy ending. 

Many people have complained that the whole drama was very predictable and just like any other drama. While this is partially true, there were still many scenes in my opinion that surprised me. What’s more, Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung’s chemistry and interaction with each other in the drama took all my attention away from the actual plot, and I was too busy being mesmerized by their exchanges.

Overall, this K-drama touched my heart and made me feel all sorts of emotions. I really connected with all the characters and it felt like the drama was happening in real life.

All the episodes are out, so if you haven’t watched it, I am positive you will finish it in a blink. 

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