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Women Don’t Owe You A Giggle

(Freepik): A woman not laughing at an insulting joke does not mean that she is a bad person, but instead that the joke was not worth laughing for.
(Freepik): A woman not laughing at an insulting joke does not mean that she is a bad person, but instead that the joke was not worth laughing for.

You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but on January 7, 2024, Comedian Jo Koy hosted the annual Golden Globe Awards.

Some familiar faces that were in attendance included Taylor Swift, Christopher Nolan–who won Best Director, and Jennifer Lawrence.

However, despite the extensive guest list, one moment, in particular, captured the eyes of everyone streaming the event: the moment Koy delivered an award-winning joke that showed us why movies like “Barbie” are made.

Exploring the cultural frenzy of “Barbenheimer”, Koy praised the complex cinematic world of “Oppenheimer” in comparison with the superficial film “Barbie”, specifically emphasizing particular physical attributes of the doll. The implications were clear: narratives revolving around traditionally masculine themes should be accorded honor and commended for their intricacies, meanwhile, those that focus on the empowerment of women and young girls should not be taken seriously.

The irony lies in the fact that Greta Gerwig–the director of “Barbie”– and Margot Robbie aimed to create unity with their film, portraying multiple scenes that urged the audience to feel sympathetic for the patriarchal men in the story. Despite women always assuming the roles of equalizers, providing justifications for men’s actions, and trying to understand their behavior by feeling sympathy for them, in the end, Koy proved that their efforts were in vain.

It is crucial to acknowledge that people are ultimately responsible for their own actions, so instead of trying to rationalize the way men view women, maybe we should shift the narrative toward holding them accountable for their actions.

Nevertheless, following the fiasco, compilations of audience responses to the joke circulated, particularly those of female celebrities. After not finding the joke amusing, multiple women were labeled as “overdramatic” and were told they were “overreacting”.

But let’s be honest, was the joke really that funny in the first place?

As women, we are often told that many of the things we do in life will not measure up to the countless remarkable things men have done; we should be thankful. After all, they have fought in wars (that they started), they sustain household incomes, they provide for us, and they have made the incredible medical and technological discoveries that shape our daily lives.

I disagree. Beyond the fact that women have contributed to all of those things–even war–we are constantly told we owe men for everything that they have given us. Therefore, we are responsible for their egos and must help them maintain their domineering image, even at our own expense.

This includes a pity laugh.

How dare the women at the Golden Globes not find that funny! It was just a joke. Yet, those women aren’t obligated to do anything.

Women are told to be model citizens by respecting family members–mothers, fathers, brothers, and grandparents–and by being kind. Men receive the same advice, but instead of cherishing it, some step onto a stage and mock a creation cherished by numerous women–and the true crime is that the female audience couldn’t take a joke.

How are we supposed to feel grateful for that?

When humans stop resorting to harmful measures to fulfill their hunger for adoration, we will finally be complete. Until then, we must tolerate the immature “banter” of insecure people who desperately want the validation of men.

Jo Koy, you just look like an idiot.

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