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Stanley Cups Are Ugly

C. Hyder
Many people are currently crazed about Stanley cups, as they lose focus on the issues that Palestinians face every day.

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has definitely heard about the Israel occupation in Palestine, as well as the boycotts people around the world have been doing to show their support for Palestine. 

One of the major boycotted points has been against Starbucks.

Starbucks—and other companies such as McDonalds—have seen just how much money they’re losing from these protests. They’ve started pushing out limited edition food and drinks, as well as this collaboration with Stanley, with the hopes that people will stop boycotting them. 

As someone who–before the boycotts–didn’t like Starbucks, seeing people lose their minds, to the point of camping outside Starbucks establishments with tents and foldable lawn chairs, is absolutely insane to me. 

I can’t help but wonder about their complacency. How could the people buying the StarbucksXStanley cups not know what’s going on right now? 

If they truly don’t know, that’s just another form of privilege. If these people don’t know about the 15,000+ people dying in the Gaza Strip, they must have a lot of privilege to be blissfully ignorant.

Seriously, if ethnic cleansing isn’t enough for Americans to stop buying from certain brands, then where even is the limit? If it takes a frankly ugly-looking cup for people to fold and stop boycotting, then I say it’s safe to say that they didn’t even care in the first place. 

It’s abundantly clear, especially now, just how many people see humanity and basic morality issues as a trend, and the second it starts getting “uncomfortable” for them, they reconcile.

True colors are being shown, all over a Stanley cup. 

Is it harsh to say that anyone seriously experiencing “boycott fatigue” is a bad person? 

Boycott fatigue is a made-up term by people who want to excuse their hyper-consumerist behavior. They use this term to justify why they’re stopping doing objectively ethical things just because they’re slightly inconvenienced.

People are upset over not spending money. Let that sink in. People are upset over not giving their money to a megacorporation that funds genocide.

These people’s little silly pinkity drinkity is worth more to them than other human beings’ lives. 

If I see anyone with that ugly pink Stanley Cup or a Starbucks drink, I will be judging so heavily. 

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