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Changing Societal Standards

Although many people enjoy the rise in independent women, some women enjoy being more traditional. (VectorStock)

In a society where social norms like gender and sexuality are being challenged, the new “norm” is to defy previously existing standards. And if you don’t, you are criticized for it.

For example, it seems that now a woman is only seen as powerful if they fit into today’s standard of a “feminist”.

This means that it is looked down upon now for a woman to want to get married and take care of the home, or for a woman to seek a masculine man. 

The new stereotype is that the only way to be independent or strong is to be independent of a man. 

Not everyone wants to be confined to woke ideals, similar to how not all women don’t want to follow traditional standards. 

Regardless of how a woman chooses to express herself, she shouldn’t be forced to abide by outdated expectations or new standards. Because expression of oneself is exactly that choice. 

It’s okay to seek a partner that has traditional values of masculinity, it’s okay to want to stay at home and take care of the house (if that’s what you want), and it’s okay to not agree with every single feminist movement. 

It seems as though we have moved so far into the feminist scale that some people have regressed.

I enjoy having a boyfriend that I know will open the door for me, and take care of things like directions, or planning so that I don’t have to. 

But in some settings, if I talk about the fact that I like having a boyfriend that will do things for me, I’m criticized for “relying on a man”. 

Why is it looked down upon now to value a guy that will open the door for you, or take the lead in a relationship?

I feel that this largely stems from woke ideals that tend to put down men to bring women up. Too often, I see arguments being made that entail that men, as a whole, are the cause of so many women’s problems. 

The “Kill All Men” phrase is a prime example of an overgeneralization in which all men are portrayed as having dangerous, malicious intent. Which simply is not true. 

I’d consider myself a feminist in that I was outraged when women were denied the right to their bodies, and fully believed in equal opportunities and pay. 

However, I no longer resonate with the agenda being pushed in the feminist movement. To me, feminism is the equality of both men and women, but it has become clear that that is no longer what feminism is about. 

It has become a movement about painting men as the enemy and in some cases, shaming men and denying their experiences. 

Not all women desire the blurred lines of gender norms. Not everyone relates to it, and women shouldn’t be shamed for it. 

It’s important to understand that while it’s okay for gender norms and social aspects to change, not everyone will resonate with it. And not everyone needs to. 

Everyone has differing views, whether they be political or social, so why has it become okay to shame and insult people simply for disagreeing? 

As society continues to progress and change, it’s important to remember that not everyone wants what you want. 

That being said, it goes both ways, no one should be shamed for challenging and defying traditional standards, nor should anyone be shamed for not wanting to defy them. 

It’s okay to desire change for yourself and to challenge societal norms, but no one should be criticized or shamed for not wanting to change what is normal to them. 

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