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Social media is ruining relationships

Social media is a big platform that people use for businesses as well as influencers use that for their job and it can gain lots of negative as well as positive traction. (Photo by Pinterest)
Social media is a big platform that people use for businesses as well as influencers use that for their job and it can gain lots of negative as well as positive traction. (Photo by Pinterest)

“It’s those damn phones” is the dreaded phrase every teenager hates. But lately, it’s become apparent that certain things made accessible by phones, like social media, are, in some cases, the problem. 

This can be seen especially in the dating scene today. 

Social media applications like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and more, make infidelity easier than ever, standards sky high, and toxic perceptions normalized. 

With just the click of a button, people from all over have access to half-naked models and other explicit content that their partner probably wouldn’t want them viewing. 

But that’s no problem, with the click of a few more buttons they can simply unfollow, unlike, or switch to a different account, to hide their unfaithful actions. 

Tired of looking at your brunette girlfriend day after day? Just go follow a blonde! 

And if you want to message that one girl/guy that’s caught your eye, but don’t want your partner to know, no worries, just use Instagram’s disappearing chat feature, or better yet, delete the conversation as a whole. 

Social media makes it insanely easy to be unfaithful to your partner. Whether it’s liking another girl’s picture, secretly flirting, or simply looking at other girls, social media can do it all. 

Beyond the avenue of secrets, social media also allows people to portray relationships in a way that creates unrealistic standards and expectations. 

On TikTok, girls can be seen posting about what a guy should do if he “really loves you”. 

This is Beyond harmful, as it places unreasonable expectations and standards on partners in relationships. 

Not everyone can afford “What if flowers” or has the time to make a goody basket for every single holiday. Not everyone has the time to write handwritten letters every day. 

By instilling these unrealistically high standards, people end up going into relationships, or being in one, demanding things from their partner, simply because they saw it on TikTok. 

Another trend on TikTok that could easily ruin a few relationships, is that in which people discuss “toxic” relationships. 

While it is important to expose young people to what a toxic relationship is, the meaning of “toxic” has broadened using social media. 

For example, TikTok has taught me that if my boyfriend is having a bad day and takes a bit to respond, it’s toxic. We get into an argument and I go silent. Toxic. Either of us act on our emotions? Toxic. Toxic. Toxic. 

Not every single issue in a relationship makes it toxic. 

It’s important to understand that people in relationships are growing together, especially teenagers. 

So many teenage relationships are simply two kids trying to understand love for the first time. How can you deem something toxic when often, it’s just two kids discovering new things together? There’s no room for improvement or learning if the first perception of every issue is toxicity. 

That being said, it is still possible for teenage relationships to be toxic, however, it isn’t right to take social media’s word for what is and isn’t toxic. 

Social media has introduced so many obstacles into the dating world, especially that of teenagers. 

Fifteen years ago, Instagram wasn’t around. Fifteen Years ago, the only expectations of what a relationship should be, were created by parents, and other real-life examples.

Fifteen years ago, Snapchat was not around. Fifteen years ago, it was so much harder to keep unfaithful behaviors a secret. 

So I mean it when I say, social media is ruining relationships.

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