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Makeup Is Good For Mental Health

Makeup and skincare in society is seen as vain and something many women do for no reason, something that is constantly deemed as excessive and useless. 

However, the benefits of makeup may not be as simple as covering up blemishes and extending lashes.

Makeup and skincare are extremely beneficial to mental health, especially when worn as a form of self-expression. It is also a form of self-care, much like exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping. 

Many people find that wearing makeup boosts their confidence and self-esteem, leading to improved mental well-being.

Obviously, wearing makeup enhances a person’s appearance. By highlighting certain features and concealing imperfections, makeup can help individuals feel more attractive and confident in their own skin. 

This boost in self-esteem can have a positive impact on mental health, as feeling confident about one’s appearance can lead to greater feelings of self-worth and happiness. They can also use makeup to find their own sense of style and identity.

Additionally, putting on makeup is a good way to use your creativity. And creativity is a proven mood booster. When we start enjoying creative activities, like trying new makeup looks, our brain releases dopamine, which can alleviate anxiety and help other symptoms of depression. 

Being creative with makeup also activates the right side of the brain, which is responsible for mental and physical states. Being creative can help improve moods.

For many people, the act of applying makeup can be a calming and therapeutic experience. Taking the time to carefully apply makeup can be a form of self-care, allowing individuals to focus on themselves and their well-being. 

The ritual of applying makeup and skincare can also serve as a mindfulness practice, helping to reduce stress and anxiety by allowing individuals to focus on the present moment. 

This ritual of putting on makeup every day can feel stabilizing for many people, since it can be the one thing in their lives that doesn’t change. It gives them complete control of at least one thing in their lives.

Applying makeup also offers a good pause in a long, tiring day, a quiet time where it is not necessary to focus on anything except the task of putting on our makeup. 

Oxytocin is released when we touch our skin, which stimulates other stress reducing chemicals in the brain to be released. Oxytocin is also the chemical released during physical contact with others, like cuddling or hugging, commonly referred to as the “cuddle chemical” or the “love hormone”. 

However, if one uses makeup not for fun, but to fit in societal norms or beauty standards, wearing makeup can actually be harmful. 

Most psychologists agree that engaging in self-care, such as wearing makeup and applying skincare has a positive influence on mental health. 

Makeup should never be something people feel ashamed of, especially if it makes them feel good, makes them look good, and gives them courage. 

And no, this article is definitely not written for the purpose of validating my spending an hour in the bathroom every morning, getting ready.


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