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Owala or Stanley

Junior Nina Wood is pictured holding their white Owala waterbottle.

There is quite a difference between Owala and Stanleys, but the main question is which one is the best. 

Both products are popular insulated cups to hold a wide variety of drinks. 

Owala has hit the stores recently with their exceptionally cute pastel colors and leak proof lids, which is what we all need at the moment.

Stanleys have been sold out of most Targets, with their mixture of cute colors. However, Stanleys haven’t been our best friends when it comes to leak proof. 

Owala has been chosen as a popular choice for people who are seeking durability and eco-friendly hydration in a water bottle. The bottles are designed with features, such as leak proof lids, easy-to-clean designs, and comfortable shape for easier handling. 

Owala bottles are made of high quality materials, like stainless steel and BPA free plastic. Additionally, Owala bottles range in multiple different sizes, and with user-friendly design, the bottle ensures more comfortable handling, making it convenient for everyday use.  

On top of that, the Owala bottles are designed to be cleaned easily, with wide mouths and simple disassembly for thorough washing. 

However, Stanleys have been renowned for their superior insulation capabilities, in order to make a product hot or cold. Stanley tumbler cups have also been constructed from high-quality stainless steel, which is to hand rugged use, making them perfect for outside utilization. 

The Stanley cups also come in different sizes and lid options, which can appeal to different preferences and drink types. Furthermore, the sleek design of the tumblers appeals to the outside crowd and urban consumers. 

From what we have, we’ve only been talking about the pros, but what about the cons of both cups?

Some of the cons for an Owala water bottle may be that the installation is limited and may keep drinks hot or cold for a reasonable time. The durability concerns and limited color and design options can also be a negative factor, and can be more limited than other brands. Some users have focused on the fact that over time the amount of dents and scratches increases.

Nevertheless, the cons of a Stanley tumbler may be the pricing, weight, limited color and designs, and lid issues. The pricing of the tumblers have been known to cost higher than other brands, potentially rearing off budget conscious customers. 

The weight of the tumblers have been known to be styled heavier, in order to fulfill their durable construction. 

Next, the limited design and color: although Stanley has classic designs, the range of colors and designs may be limited compared to others. 

Finally, the lid issue has been reported by some customers, which is occasionally leading to leaks or difficulty in securing the tight lid. 

In the end, preferably the Stanley Tumbler should be crowned the winner. Although Owala may seem like a better option, due to its eco-friendly design and leak-proof lids, the Stanley tumblers are more likely to save lives, and with its handy dandy handle, it can be used to help make the Stanley from a tumbler to a weapon. 

USA Today, on February 29, has reported of a woman in Steubenville, Ohio, who states her Stanley cup has saved her life. The Stanley cup was shown to have deflected a stray bullet that came into her house and kept it from hitting her while sleeping. 

Thus concluding that the winner of which cup is the best goes to… the Stanley tumblers. You will never know when it can save your life. 

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