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Spring Birthdays Are Superior

Spring birthdays are from March to May and are the best birthdays due to the festivities and vibes that come with the season.
Mariah Disney
Spring birthdays are from March to May and are the best birthdays due to the festivities and vibes that come with the season.

Out of four seasons, 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days in a year, Spring birthdays are the best. Mine is on April 27 and I definitely have the best birthday in my family, and one of the best in general. 

From a selfish or materialistic perspective, spring is a decent distance from Christmas, so presents are spaced somewhat evenly. While months in the middle of the year, such as June or July, are more evenly spaced, Spring has other things about it that make it better than Summer birthdays.

Having a birthday in the Spring also avoids the “this is your birthday AND Christmas present” comments, as my sister has experienced her whole life as someone whose birthday is in late December. 

Spring is easily my favorite season as it is, as the weather is nice in Southern California; it usually isn’t too hot, it rains, and flowers, trees, and other plants begin to regain their vibrant color, making it ideal for outdoor parties.

Most of my birthday parties have been outside, whether that’s at a pool or the park. This makes it much easier for clean-up and allows more time outside, which is something we lack nowadays. 

This weather also allows for birthday gatherings at amusement parks, which I did when I was nine years old, as my mom’s friend worked for Disneyland and was able to get us in for free. I’d love to have another birthday at an amusement park, given the weather is always perfect during April.

Additionally, the overall Spring aesthetic is hard to dislike. While I am alternative and dress in all black more times than not, I absolutely love bright colors, especially pastels (and PINK!). 

I look forward to when things are decorated in pastel pinks, blues, and yellows, as it’s so aesthetically pleasing. Stores, malls, snacks, and default computer themes adopt this trend, and it is my second favorite, only topped by Christmas. 

One of the only things I don’t like about my birthday is that it is somewhat close to Easter, which is one of my least favorite holidays. Again, I love pastels and the whole Spring and Easter aesthetic, but common Easter traditions make me uncomfortable. 

Another thing I absolutely LOVE about when my birthday is is that Peeps are all over supermarket shelves. Many people hate Peeps, but I absolutely adore them. 

While they are nothing but bunny or chick-shaped sugar, with other chemicals, the texture and flavor makes me beyond happy. In recent years, I learned that I can’t have more than two at a time without feeling sick, which is unfortunate, but hasn’t stopped me yet. 

In addition to this, my birthday makes me a Taurus. While I don’t rely on Zodiac signs, I find them fun, like a little game. Being a Taurus (or, as I like to say, a “tortoise”) means that I am one of my favorites of the Zodiacs, only being surpassed by Libras. 

Of course, everyone is entitled to argue that their birthday is the best, but I, personally, really love mine and I wouldn’t want it to be any other day.

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