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“One Day” Review

In “One Day”, two friends navigate life’s twists, with love’s complexities, over decades. (Photo by Focus Features)

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for “One Day” 

“One Day” is a newly added Netflix show, adapted from author David Nicholls. This show reveals a breathtaking and emotional rollercoaster with 14 episodes. 

“One Day” is about two protagonists, Emma Morely and Dexter Mayhew, who both come from opposite sides of the track. July 15, 1988 was the day of their graduation when they met each other and started to begin their lifelong friendship. For the next 20 years, the two friends will reunite every 15th of July, sharing laughter, anger, sadness, and dreams, only to find themselves searching for each other through the journey.

Emma Morely, played by Ambika Mod, gives us a perfect view of her character’s life. She was able to express the complicated and ever changing mindset, making her want more to the life she has. 

On the other hand, Dexter Mayhew, played by Leo Woodwall, carves deep into the life of his character. Mayhew is shown to be a complicated hew of things, however, he has his mind set that the world is his oyster. 

Throughout the show, all that was roaming through our minds was, “when are they just going to love each other? Will they love each other? Just say, I love you!”

In the beginning, we had gotten the feel of Dexter and Emma. We’d seen that Emma was a bit of an introvert, however, Dexter was a big extrovert. Dexter was a playboy and had quite a reputation around the University. 

For Dexter, Emma was more unique than all the other girls; she was a bit of a nerd and she didn’t let anything sneaky slide. This became a challenge to Dexter, a challenge that made him chase after her and grow undoubted feelings of love to her. 

Emma didn’t want to be played by Dexter, and she instead wanted to know who he is. Dexter respected her and everything she wanted to do. 

Becoming closer by the second, the two were loving each other more and more. 

Emma and Dexter had shared their dreams with each other: Dexter’s dream was to become rich and famous and Emma’s dream was to make a difference in something, whether it was only a tiny bit, or just for someone.  

Overall, she did make a difference in Dexter’s life. She had shown him how to be a great person, to overcome the drugs and alcohol and to realize that there is more to life. Emma was Dexter’s rock, his life, and she had taught him that she’ll be there even when she isn’t. 

In the middle of the story, there was a bit of a struggle between the two. They struggle in finding who they truly love and if they really loved their life. 

This part of the story is where you realize that they are just humans: complicated, and you want to throw something at them. However, there are people who miss each other the most. At this time Dexter is at his highest point and is a reality TV star, with his own show. And Emma is at her lowest point, working at a really bad Mexican restaurant.  

Dexter is getting everything he has wanted, however there are a bit of problems that come with being famous and popular. He had started taking drugs and alcohol and was out of control. It wasn’t his normal self. 

For the past three July 15s, Dexter wasn’t himself at all. Emma knew this and made it quite clear to him that changing the way he is would be for the best. Their conversation wasn’t that nice, as it was filled with just a little anger and sadness. 

After this occurred, Dexter and Emma haven’t seen each other for the next two years. From these two years, Dexter and Emma have both changed; Emma began focusing on teaching and writing her first novel, while Dexter was beginning his rehab treatment and was seeing a nice and respectable woman. 

Both were living a peaceful life, but they were still missing one another and thinking of each other everyday. 

Nearing the end of the story, Emma and Dexter meet up after two years, at their friend’s wedding. 

This was a rollercoaster of surprises. Dexter and Emma are both living their own lives, with their own stories and events. . 

One, Dexter is going to get married and become a father. 

Wow, that was a big hit. Second, Emma confesses that she has always loved Dexter, but she understands and will support him no matter what. Another big surprise.

At this point, everyone was going to fight for Dex and Em to just be with each other.

However, this was probably really good for Dex and Em, because they were going to be with each other often. That’s good right?

Another year has passed, and Dexter is a father and husband! Which should be good, as he loves his daughter and wants to be a supporting husband and father. Yet, his wife isn’t so happy, everyday she is tired and angry. 

All Dex is trying to do is support his wife and his daughter, and at this moment in his life, he wasn’t as successful. Dex owns a coffee shop, and he left the world of television behind. 

On the contrary, Em is living her best life, as she continues to write more and more. 

To make things worse, Dex’s wife cheats on him with his best friend. At this point Dex is a divorcee and sees his child every other week. 

Emma is living in Paris and has finished her first novel, and is now working on her second. 

In order for Dex to feel better, he had booked a train to Paris in order to see Em. Paris was an emotional episode that made me hold my heart. 

Dex and Em had both found each other in Paris, overall, confessing their love to one another. Happily ever after?

Not just yet, Dex and Em were officially dating and were back in England, living in a nice flat. Dex had his coffee shop and Em had her new book she was writing. Everything was perfect for them and they had everything they wanted. 

As the years passed, Em and Dex had gotten married and wanted a child. 

However, one day Dex and Em had gotten in a bit of a fight about not being able to have children. And the day they were supposed to go house touring, Em ended up getting hit by a car. 

Unexpected, I know. 

This killed Emma and had killed a bit of humanity left in Dexter as well. 

As the next year had passed, Dex became an alcoholic again and tried to calm down the sadness with anything he could. But he knew he couldn’t be this way, not in front of his child. 

So, the next year has passed, and Dex gets his own apartment and is as normal as he possibly could be. Still, he drinks to see Em, the ghost of Em. 

And as years pass, Dexter is on his own, living every second the best he can, exploring the places he and Em used to be. Remembering and making new memories, knowing that Em will always be with him no matter what. 

This story had left everybody either sobbing or pausing halfway taking a deep breath and continuing on with the story. It was a whole tug and pull situation, one day she was open to a relationship and he wasn’t or one day he was and she wasn’t. It was the wrong time or it was the right time, however, this had shown that time is what is most important. You will never know when it is the last time you will see your loved one, so don’t spend time in anger, and enjoy what you have. 

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