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Amidst the flurry of academic pursuits and extracurricular engagements, there exists a realm where words wield power, where rhetoric reigns supreme, and where minds meet in the ultimate battle of wit and persuasion. 

Welcome to the dynamic world of Los Osos High School’s Speech and Debate team – a domain where eloquence meets strategy, and where every argument is a sword, and every rebuttal, a shield.

The stage is set, the audience is attentive, and the competitors stand poised, armed with nothing but their intellect and the power of speech. 

Whether it’s the rapid-fire exchanges of Lincoln-Douglas debate, the persuasive prowess of public forum, or the dramatic flair of original oratory, each event demands a unique blend of skill, style, and substance. 

Joining our school’s Speech and Debate team isn’t just about honing oratorical skills; it’s about embracing the art of critical thinking, mastering the nuances of persuasion, and cultivating the confidence to articulate your ideas in the face of intellectual opposition. 

It’s about learning to navigate the labyrinth of logic, to wield evidence like a sword, and to craft arguments that resonate with both reason and emotion. 

Sophomore Hannah Kim does Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Yet the true power of Speech and Debate lies not just in the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, but in the lessons learned along the way. 

Here, students discover the value of preparation, the importance of collaboration, and the resilience to persevere in the face of adversity. They learn to listen as well as they speak, to empathize as well as they persuade, and to lead not just with their words, but with their actions. 

Junior Bella Kim does Public Form (PuFo) debate with Sophomore Abby Chang, which is a team event and speech event, along with Original Prose and Poetry (OPP), which is an individual event. Kim said, “Debate really helped with my communication because I have to work a lot with Abby, but OPP lets me be really creative, because I can do whatever I want.”

Freshman Yuna Park, who does PuFo debate, as well as Original Oratory (OO) speech, agreed. Park said, “I like OO because I can be as expressive as I want.”

In joining the Speech and Debate team, students not only sharpen their academic expertise, but also cultivate essential life skills that will serve them well in any endeavor they choose to pursue. 

Whether they aspire to careers in law, political science, business, or academia, the ability to think critically, communicate persuasively, and collaborate effectively are invaluable assets that will set them apart in any field.  

Even if one of the careers above isn’t a goal, joining is still beneficial. 

Sophomore Abby Chang said, “Even though I want to be a Doctor, Debate really helps critical thinking skills.”

At the end of the day, as advisor Erik Pielstick emphasizes, our Speech and Debate Team is a team, not a club. Meaning joining is like entering a community. 

Because here, students will discover the power of their own voice, the strength of their own convictions, and the boundless potential of their own minds. 

Joining the Speech and Debate team isn’t just an extracurricular activity – it’s a passport to personal growth, academic excellence, and a lifetime of achievement. 

So step into the arena, raise your voice, and join the ranks of the verbal vanguard.    

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