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Lost and Found

Amelia Earhart and her plane, the Lockheed Electra in 1937 before her and her plane’s disappearance. (Wikimedia Commons)

Back in 1937, a pioneer in the aviation field, advocate for women’s rights, and author, Amelia Earhart is going to finally get to close this chapter in history with deep sea explorers reasoning on how they might have found her plane.

87 years ago, the Lockheed Electra went missing mysteriously with Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan after attempting an around the world flight from Papua New Guinea to Howland Island.

Investigation had shortly closed as soon as it began due to the lack of evidence and the overall mystique that the entire situation had held, investigators had stipulated that they would never find the plane ever again.

But now the case has opened back up again after company Deep Sea Vision (DSV) found a sonar image that could very well be Earhart’s long lost plane.

After the image was shortly released, the team got together to trace back her flight path, the height, and the conditions during the time she was flying, which it had been reported that she was in fact running low on fuel as her flight progressed after Earhart made six radio calls.

Utilizing that information, DSV conducted a search using a submarine and identified something that looks similar to Earhart’s plane in size and shape for three months.

CEO of DSV Tony Romeo said according to CBC, “The twin vertical stabilizers in the back are very clear on the sonar image, and those are very distinctive of Amelia Earhart’s aircraft.”

This was especially the assumption that was being made since the object was found in the flat, sandy surface of the ocean, where an object this abnormally shaped is typically unusual.

Though their sonar image is not enough to really solace the mystery of her plane disappearance. It’s a lot more than just a sonar image that they are trying to capture. That being said, until there is a definitive picture of the plane, nothing else can be said by the slight assumption.

Though there is enough recognition on the amount of conspiracy theories being created, like how Earhart faked her own disappearance and has lived her life with another identity.

The twin vertical stabilizers in the back are very clear on the sonar image, and those are very distinctive of Amelia Earhart’s aircraft.”

— Tony Romeo

Romeo and his team are planning to go back to site for more investigation and hope to confirm their assumptions that it is in fact her plane so there can finally be closure towards her disappearance.

There has always been an endless amount of possibilities that could have occurred with Earhart and her plane, since she was running out of fuel, the DSV have made the assumption that she tried to land the plane flat on the water and ended up sinking down to the bottom of the sea floor.

DSV and Romeo have made it quite clear that they have every obligation that once they find her plane, they will be on the road to fixing it up next.

But the team have kept in mind how logistically challenging this is, leaning towards how it can take several years before they truly find anything.

But not being discouraged, everything lost gets found eventually and this is just the beginning of Earhart and the discovery of her plane.

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