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Why You Should Romanticize Your Life

Learning to romanticize your life and appreciate what you have leads to a brighter look at life (Blugraphic).

Romanticizing your life begins with you. This doesn’t mean you have to waste your money or spend a lot on new clothing, but rather be grateful and appreciative for what you already have and what you’re experiencing.

According to The Good Trade, “romanticizing your life doesn’t require buying new things or changing your whole routine. It’s simply a way to look around and be grateful, to play and find pleasure, to experience life through a lens of gratitude that you get to live another day in your life, and let it be lovely.”

I think it’s important to romanticize your life if you aim for happier days. In fact, I already think most of us romanticize our life without realizing it.

When we’re in the car and listening to music, we’re romanticizing that moment. Making it better with the music.

When we’re having bad days, we can pretend to be in a coming of age movie where everything is working out just perfectly before the happy ending. 

Although romanticizing your life is recommended, it’s also sometimes used for the wrong things. I used to do this, which is why I’m bringing it forward to help others avoid doing this.

Whenever I found myself crushing on a person, I would constantly romanticize it all. Being delusional, telling myself that they “wanted” me, et cetera. Meanwhile, I was doing nothing but feeding myself lies. 

I think being in this state of romanticization may actually help some people, but for me, I only found it to be draining. At the end of the day, I only ended up crying because I realized none of it was true.

Be careful with what you romanticize in life. 

Aside from that, I also think it’s important because you become more attractive and overall glow up. This doesn’t have to be physically, but internally.

Romanticizing, in short, is being grateful and in the moment. Learning to have gratitude towards situations in your life helps you become happier and lucky. 

I think the term “romanticizing your life” started on Tiktok in early 2021. They essentially gave the idea that dressing cute, listening to music, and drinking coffee out of a cute mug was romanticizing your life. It goes far beyond that.

I think the most beneficial part of all of this is romanticizing your life in school. Playing music that reminds you of being in school, enjoying the moments you have alone, or just having school supplies that match your vibe or outfit. 

Being surrounded by good people is also a bonus to romanticizing your life. 

Dressing like the vibe of a place you’re going to also helps. For example, if I were to go back to my hometown that I grew up in, I would dress like how I used to or how the vibe is there.

It’s all something to do easily, probably the easiest way to become a happier person. Most of this information isn’t very valued, but what caught my attention is that being in a happier state of mind helps you attract just what you want. This could be anything.

I’ve learned that I like to dress in cute outfits, have specific playlists for specific vibes or days, and have morning routines. My life isn’t perfect, I still need some work on night routines, but I’m getting there.

Taking lots of pictures is a habit most people don’t understand. I will take pictures of random places that most people wouldn’t consider “aesthetic” or “cute”, but I like to appreciate the beauty in any place I’m in, even if it means I have to romanticize my experience in school.

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