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Enforcing Diversity By Discriminating

Affirmative Action was banned recently by the Supreme Court on July 29 because it violated the equal protection clause in the United States Constitution. 

In college admissions, Affirmative Action is “the practice of considering student background characteristics such as race as a factor in deciding whether to admit an applicant,” according to US News reporter Sarah Wood, put in place to ensure diversity on college campuses.

Let’s analyze what Affirmative Action really does. We see that it prevents people from getting into college because of their race.

Harvard even admitted to this, especially regarding Asians. “Asians had to score 22 points higher on the SAT than [White people and] 63 points higher than [Black people],” said John Stossel, a writer for Reason Magazine. That means that the person who is most qualified for a spot in the college might not get that spot. Under Affirmative Action, colleges are trying to look for the most qualified individual to admit, while also considering their race and the school’s diversity. But how can colleges really look only based on merit when an individual’s race or gender is also playing a part in their admissions process? 

Furthermore, we have the mismatch issue. Even if Affirmative Action does help a disadvantaged person get accepted to a school, they will tend to fall behind in their class and learn less as opposed to if they were thriving in a less demanding school.

It is much more reasonable and just for each individual to be treated and judged using the same standards without having race or gender complicate the profile. It also encourages everyone to work to their fullest potential knowing that every effort made will be rewarded fairly and abundantly.

This idea is called meritocracy. Meritocracy is a political system that is based on ability and talent. Affirmative Action undermines this system of rewarding based on achievements, by not giving the most qualified contestants a spot in the college. This is very discouraging to some, because why should they even try if their merits will be denied because of their race?

The practice of Affirmative Action has generated a ferocious battle for a spot in a college for some, not because of their abilities, but simply because of their race. Why should some people have to work so much harder than others for the same opportunity?

This is the reality of Affirmative Action, a failed attempt to ensure diversity in colleges. 

Colleges should be colorblind and gender-blind during admissions in order to ensure a fair opportunity for everyone.

In the government’s effort to stop discriminating against minorities, and enforce diversity, they ironically started discriminating against others.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts has long questioned the practice of Affirmative Action and sees any government considerations of race to be a form of racial discrimination. On the subject of Affirmative Action, Roberts has left perhaps his most famous quote: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”


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