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Cuh Dey Bored? Yes. Yes, we are.

Men, right? Men are never out of ways to manipulate women into dating them.

The most recent form they have taken on is pretending to be “woke” and pro-feminism just to get women to praise them for doing the bare minimum. It is pretty upsetting, the fact that women will praise a man for having the most basic takes simply because the bar is in the Underworld.

A man saying that he believes women shouldn’t be bashed for having hobbies is not worthy of celebration, especially because women have been saying that for decades. But since it is so out of the norm for men to actually defend women instead of making fun of them, they get idolized. 

This is where we get men like Montaine, @ohmontaine on TikTok, whose entire platform is built off of regurgitating the same takes and information women have had for years. After getting called out for this fact, he responded by making a rap song (yikes) where he somehow made the situation worse by putting on an accent he didn’t have before. 

These false male feminists will try and set themselves apart from other men in an attempt to appear more likable to women. The sad awe of “Wow look, a man who finally doesn’t sexualize and threaten us with violence” is more than enough to convince women to establish an audience for these men at first. Women are now even less trusting of men who actually support feminism since it has happened so often that males pretend to embrace it. 

It’s a dangerous game, both metaphorically and literally. Some women don’t know if a man they’re around is safe or not until it’s too late.

It’s unfortunate that some men would rather pretend to be supportive and manipulate women instead of…just being a genuine person. I understand that our society has hardwired men from young ages to show no emotions other than anger and “dominance”, but I genuinely believe that these men would have way higher chances of finding someone to date if they were just normal empathetic people. 

The demonization of empathy and caring for other people have just been completely dwindled down to something someone does, not something someone is. Pretending to be a good person isn’t the same thing as actually being a good person. 

Women are just tired of it, if you as a man are putting on this feigned front of being a feminist to get women to like them, they’re just going to hate you more after finding out the truth, way more than they would have if you just didn’t pretend at all.

At what point does it end? The objectification of women that these men talk about is just incredibly annoying and condescending.

Men, for some reason, underestimate how smart women are because usually, women can spot this coming from a mile away. No matter how well these men can pretend to hold these beliefs, they eventually slip, and women are always reminded this is just another man. 

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