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Which Boba Place is The Best?

Small, soft, and chewy, boba has recently become very popular, particularly in our generation. It’s become the only incentive for me to actually pay attention to my work.

Without it, or at least the promise of it, I can’t keep my mind from running to other things to avoid the glaring responsibilities of schoolwork in front of me. Because I eat it so much, I believe I am qualified to rate which boba places are my favorite.

The two I frequent are Boba Break and Boba Fiend Tea House, however, I have also tried Boba at 85C Bakery Cafe and Happy Brew Tea and Boba for the sake of this article. I ordered the classic Thai Tea drink from each place.

I began with 85C Bakery Cafe and worked my way up the chain, and ironically, this is where I place their boba. While it wasn’t necessarily bad, it wasn’t as great as the other places. Their drinks were tall but thin and filling, which I appreciated, but I could not really taste the Thai Tea.

With the size of the drink, you would expect some flavor to come through. It did not, though, and it wasn´t present in their boba either. There was a bottle of Thai Tea for sale with baked goods but it was $8 and buying it was just not convenient for me–also considering it didn´t have the pearls inside of it.

The next in my ranking is Boba Break. This place is popular thanks to its proximity to our school and the fact that you can walk there after the bell rings without any problems, however, it is not my favorite.

In my opinion, Boba Break has no flavor. They don´t have a large variety of sizes, only offering two, and their Thai Teas are never sapid, they´re always hit-or-miss; this was a miss. I usually go to their store for Milk Tea because theirs is the best, but even then, the boba doesn’t taste like anything.

The pearls only have a hint of sweetness and they´re too hard.

In second place is Happy Brew Tea and Boba. Admittedly, I was hesitant to try this one because I usually stumble upon places with good food and this was suggested to me by a friend. When she discovered I was planning to write this article, she handed me a list of places to visit and this was one of them.

Before going, I checked the reviews and was pleased with what I found. They mirrored my own opinion. The drink was flavorful to such an extent that it tasted like someone had dumped a bottle of perfume into a cup and served it. This is why it is not first on my list, however, it was still very enjoyable. I can see myself coming back to this place.

Their boba was soft and very chewy, and it was unlike Boba Break´s boba in that you could actually taste something. Also, I have to say that I adored the colors bursting throughout the store in every decoration. It was nice scenery to eat my boba with.

Last but not least, in first place is Boba Fiend Tea House.

This was the first place I ever tried boba because it was where my cousins used to frequent. The first drink I got was cookies and cream because I was afraid to try the pearls. However, when I went back again, I took a chance and got the mango slush with boba and it changed my life.

The boba is perfectly sweet and their Thai Tea always turns out really good. This is my undefeated champion.

In the end, taste is subjective and what you try depends on the climate, who is making it, and who is providing the supplies. You might not agree with some of my opinions, and that’s fine, but I hope I expanded the scope of what you´re willing to try!

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