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Behind the Scenes of the LOHS Dance Team

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This year, many freshmen dancers have joined Los Osos’ amazing dance team. The dance team appears at rallies and other performances and they seem to be so carefree and talented, the ambassadors of school spirit. Haylee Peterson, a freshman on the junior varsity dance team, said, “It is so fun to be on this team with everyone and spreading our school spirit. We want to make sure that it’s not just about us, we just want to fill everyone with our school spirit and school pride.”

One thing we don’t see is how these dancers prepare for events and the commitment it takes to learn and perfect the choreography. Freshmen are especially new to the demands of being on a high school dance team and can get overwhelmed. 

Ethan Clenista, a freshman in junior varsity, said, “Time commitment is rough being on the team. I am drained from after-school practices, preparing for rallies, and still needing to do work. Not being able to leave school until eight or nine is difficult.”

Participating in the dance team definitely affects their mental health and physical energy throughout the day, especially if they are new to the routine.

Peterson said, “I spend a lot of time with my team during our normal class times… Sometimes if we are working on a dance or a rally we will practice every day after school for a week or more if needed. It seemed a little overwhelming, but we learned to manage.”

Another impact of being on the dance team is learning to balance academics with responsibilities. Many of our team’s dancers have to skip classes to fit their dance schedule, and they also have long hours of rehearsal after a long day at school.

Being a part of the dance team requires considerable dedication, but as the years go on, it becomes easier to manage. 

It is definitely hard to be on the dance team, but the stress certainly does not override the positive experience.

Experience on the team can build a student’s life in high school by promoting time management, discipline, teamwork, and confidence. Mia Castillo, the senior varsity dance captain, said, “Although everyone on the team sees dance as our pride and joy, we also understand academics come first. This allows us to have a drive in education in support of dance.”

It also builds teamwork and social skills since this activity requires people to work closely together. Students learn to work together and trust each other. Teammates form strong bonds and their social skills are improved because of it. “We are more than a program, we are a family. We care, love, and help each other to be the best versions of ourselves,” Castillo said. 

The dance team is like a big, loving household where everyone looks out for everyone.

Clenista said, “I’m with people who share my passion and who all feel like family.”

Being on the dance team also builds self-confidence, since dancers have to regularly perform in front of large audiences.

Students have to learn how to discipline themselves and be dedicated to both their dance and academic lives. They have to commit to different schedules and put in effort to achieve their goals.

Despite the time commitment it takes to be on the dance team, it does definitely impact the high school experience in a positive way. 

Regardless of the initial struggle of time commitment, taking part in the dance team is a very rewarding experience that allows students to grow personally, artistically, and socially. Castillo said, “Being on the dance team has made every day of high [school] feel like a movie.”

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