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Yallah, Join Arab Culture Club!

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From the rich melodies of Lebanon to the intricate calligraphy of Egypt, embracing Arab culture allows us to celebrate the beauty of our shared humanity. Coincidentally, that is the goal of our very own Arab Culture Club.

There are many opportunities for students to explore their identities and backgrounds at our school, and this particular club has been active on campus for some time. However, it recently came under the management of a brand-new staff, which is full of capable students who are eager to shake things up this year. 

They started the year off with high hopes following their debut during club rush, which was bustling with vibrant energy and optimism. The club’s organizers spared no effort in creating an inviting, authentically Arab environment, complete with baklava and belly dancing attire.

People from both Arab and non-Arab backgrounds gravitated toward its energy, and in no time, everyone was enthusiastically posing for the “I love Arabs” sign thoughtfully crafted by a club member.

To be able to portray one’s culture in a public setting is a privilege that we are grateful to have, especially with a culture as extensive as this one.

Filled with excitement for their first-ever meeting with a fresh board, Senior President Tia Samouh shared her satisfaction with how it surpassed all her expectations. She recounted the activities they hosted, “To start, we played multiple rounds of musical chairs with the twist of Arabic music.”

The club proceeded with a game of guessing the flag and later, according to Sophomore Media Manager Savannah Fakhoury, “We asked the Arab Culture Club to join us in a very special dance called ‘Dabke’.”

Their intention was clear: to breach any kind of anxiety or unease among new members, encouraging members to wear this blanket of culture as one people. Furthermore, they used this opportunity to educate members on the various flags in the region consisting of a multitude of countries, a valuable learning opportunity for those who aren’t familiar with them or have previously never been exposed to their representation.

After all, with a region this size, American media has struggled to adequately celebrate every ethnicity, despite the fact that everyone should have the opportunity to be recognized. This disparity led to some tensions among those who are represented and those who aren’t, but Samouh said, “As a club, we work in order to help spread kindness, love, and representation of not only the Middle East but any other country in our world.”

We are all special, the essence of our culture emphasizes unity and acceptance of everyone. While the culture is more like a tapestry, each part-owned by a particular area, in the end, it would not be completed without every piece of the puzzle.

Arab Culture Club has made it clear that a prominent goal of theirs is to ensure no piece of the puzzle gets lost, “This club amplifies the importance of diversity on campus,” said Senior Philanthropy Chair Hana Williams. “We can guide people into feeling comfortable in their own skin when they see that their culture and where they come from is being celebrated.”

The club plans to continue meeting once a month on Tuesday, but that’s subjective depending on whether or not they decide to include more days in the month. 

If you are interested in joining the club, feel free to. President Samouh emphasized that this club is for anyone who wants to learn or meet new people. We share a collective identity as humans no matter what background we come from, and we are always happy to invite others into our homes and break our bread.

Fakhoury said, “In most cases, the qualities of generosity, respect, and loyalty are shared among the various regions. But most importantly, the Arab Culture Club is all about family.”

If you are searching for a community at school, I would definitely suggest joining this club.

This club is a powerful testament that when people come together, they can find common ground and create a more harmonious environment.

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