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Misogyny Within Male Podcast

Recently, podcasts have made a huge comeback this year with the popularity of TikTok with more and more creators finding ways to utilize the app to promote their media with small clips.

This is shown through massive viral podcast media like, “Call Her Daddy”, “Suburban Talks”, “Emergency Intercom”, and “BFFs Podcast” which all have been extremely successful this year as more and more podcasts emerge.

But the more negative side of this type of media, is with specifically male improvement podcasts. It’s like after Andrew Tate laid down this idea of how men should treat women or what type of women to look for on his podcast “The Tate Speech”, it has become clear that a significant amount of men have taken similar paths.

Yet these men in podcasts like the “Whatever Podcast” and “Fresh and Fit” invite groups of girls that cater to a certain demographic and humiliate them.

They bring these girls just to get off on the fact that they make them look uneducated and feel guilty for what they do to make money and support themselves when it’s not any of their business to tell someone, especially a woman, what to do with their life.

What’s more of the issue is that these grown men are promoting that men only want someone of  “high value” yet in reality what they are trying to say is that they want a 20-year-old woman who is a virgin that they can control.

This ideology of what makes a “high value woman” is really just a bunch of idiocracy since that term “high value” is subjective. Not everyone is going to have the same definition of what makes a person high value and it’s extremely tyrannical to call a person “high value” anyways when that’s the description we use to describe an object.

What they claim to help men be put on the right path in hopes of eventually becoming successful, they are actually just making women look bad and promoting “traditional” principles that not everyone wants to follow.

What’s even more messed up about this situation is that there are women that agree with these men and they will go on that podcast and condone all these ideals.

And coming from a female perspective, that incredibly saddening cause then that’s just encouraging their behavior making them more of a machiavellian than they already are.

Recently, one of the main podcasts that constantly do this, “Fresh and Fit”, has been getting demonetized and deleted by YouTube which is their main platform on which they post daily.

They put out a video saying they are trying to get the issue resolved and for now are going on hiatus due to all their videos being put under indiscretion.

I think this gives a lot of hope for the future, it’s nice to see such a massive platform like YouTube displaying ground rules on their platform and recognizing that this isn’t morally right to be promoting this whole “alpha male” lifestyle because at the end of the day these men are setting up other men for failure. 

Why do you think all of these guys that host the podcast and constantly are deteriorating women’s self-esteem don’t have a wife or girlfriend yet are telling others all the ways to get one and what to specifically find in a woman.

Overly, this whole lifestyle that they promote is just a figment in their own mind because they can’t get women to like them so they pit men against women.

It’s important that men shouldn’t feel inclined to have such a skewed perspective on life and that it’s okay to be sensitive because not everyone is going to have the right idea about what they find attractive so that’s why these podcast mindsets are so damaging.

And these ideologies made by these men just further drive the wedge between men and women living in equality where they just respect one another because at the end of the day, respect is always going to go both ways no matter rank, gender, or age.

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