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Autumn Vs. Winter

Autumn, that time of the year again! When the leaves turn red and orange and fall and slowly decay on the misty cold ground, rainy and gloomy days, it’s when the temperature shifts and the weather begins to turn colder. The Earth’s axis is tilted 90 degrees away from the Sun.

But oh! Here comes Winter afterward. The season in which the streets turn white from the snow, where there are blizzards and snowstorms, and people can stay in with a warm, fuzzy blanket around them, drinking hot chocolate.

These two seasons are the coldest of the year. They are both a mix of cold weather, rain, snow, red leaves, dried out trees, and a holiday in each. 

The two words “Autumn” and “Fall” come from the same meaning, but are said differently throughout the world. In the UK, the word “Autumn” is used often, as it comes from the British themselves. In the US, the word “Fall” is used instead because it was created by Americans. Although they are different words and are used by different people, they mean the same thing. 

Fall does not come on a specific day, it can begin on September 21, 22, 23, and 24. As of this year, it is confirmed that Fall will start on September 23. During this foggy and cold season is also when many people around the world return to school.

Fall not only brings colder weather, red and orange leaves, but it also brings a traditional holiday for people across the world. Halloween is celebrated by many people around the world. It is the day where you can dress up as anything you’ve ever wanted to be. You walk around neighborhoods and ring doorbells to get candy. 

But even if Halloween may be the best part of Fall, it is not the only fun part.

Weeks before the spooky holiday, people buy pumpkins to carve them at home as a fun activity. They set them outside their front doors as decoration. Humans tend to find new things to do during each season and set it as a yearly thing to do. 

Other activities most people do during Fall are apple picking, leaf peeping, costume shopping, hayrides, and more. Not only that, but theme parks such as Disneyland, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios plan fun events that holler in the interests of people from around the world. For Universal Studios, there is Halloween Horror Nights. For Six Flags, they plan events such as Fright Fest and Kids Boo Fest. For multiple other individuals, there are different things to do this time of the year. 

“I personally prefer Fall because I just like the weather and everything, and I just like sipping my coffee because it’s just so aesthetic, y’know?” said Ruth Dardon, Colony High School freshman, “A tradition that my family follows is mostly visiting my Aunt and where she lives every Thanksgiving. What makes Fall so fun is just the cold weather and being able to wear your cozy sweaters, overall just enjoying the weather. ” 

During the month of October, the weather begins to get even colder, as this side of Earth is now tilted away from the Sun and as time goes by, the weather only keeps decreasing in temperature every day.

Fall ends on December 21, right when the next season starts.

Winter: the coldest season of the year. You can build snowmen and drink hot chocolate, you can snuggle into your blanket every morning. For some it even means early promotions. 

Because Winter begins more towards the end of the year, workers begin to get promotions during the next month, January. This is still Winter.

There are also a lot of fun things to do during this time. Activities such as sledding, ice skating, having snowball fights, going on ski trips, and more are some of the things people spend time doing while this cold weather is still around. 

A lot of families pre-decorate for Christmas. Some decorate their houses  outside and inside to  prepare for the fun holiday. This is usually normal to do during the end of Fall.

Usually by the time Winter comes around, trees are left leafless, snow covers roads across the world, blizzards occur, plants slow down their growth, and the temperature drops. 

“I prefer Winter because it gets more cold and there is snow, also you get to do more stuff like sleep in and get cozy and it also rains more.” said Emily Saenz, Colony High School freshman, “Some things I look forward to do in the Winter is I might go to Big Bear Lake again and I can be able to see my cousins more often, which will be on Winter break. A Tradition that my family and I do is make tamales on Christmas Eve and we stay up until 12 am to unwrap gifts. What makes winter so fun is that it just makes winter fun!”

“I prefer Winter because for me, Winter looks more beautiful than Fall, and I like how everything is decorated, since it’s Christmas time.” said America Corrales, student at Cal Poly Pomona College, “Something I look forward to doing during Winter is to go out more with my family and my friends. I want to explore new places and try to see if there’s any events going on.” She said, “My family and I go out to see the lights every Christmas or just stay at home and bake.” 

As it seems, a lot of people do a lot of different things for Winter. Families spend time together, fly across the world to see each other, and others reunite after a long time from being separated. 

Both seasons have different points of view. People prefer one over the other. Others just enjoy the two chilly seasons because picking one can seem a little too stressful.

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