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La Llorona


La Llorona is an old folklore from Mexico and over the years it has developed into movies and short stories

 When she was alive, La Llorana killed her own children,and after her death she was forced to grapple with the consequences of her actions, and was doomed to wander the earth as a ghost forever. 

Because she has killed her own children, she often appears to women with children and kidnaps them so they are never seen again. La Llorona also translates to “the Weeping Woman” ; she got this name because she cries loudly at night grieving the loss of her beloved children. 

Legend has it that when she was alive she was the most beautiful and fair woman in all of Mexico. 

Many times a day men would go to Maria (La Llorona) and ask for her hand in romance, but they would always go home defeated. One day, that all changed. 

A man rode into the town and Maria immediately knew she wanted him. Soon after they met they got married and had two children. This paradise for Mairia was very short however because her husband rode up to her with a new beautiful woman. 

He declared to Maria that he had pledged his life to this stranger and left. Later that night Maria was filled with sorrow and boiled with anger. 

Out of spite she took her kids to the river for a bath. 

She held their hands and led them into the water and her children never came back up from the water. After she realized what she had done she regretted it and cried out loud for her sons and led herself deeper and deeper into the river until her lungs were filled with water. 

As punishment for her decision, she was cursed to walk the earth for all of eternity. From then on, Maria was known as “La Llorona.,

Beware, for she roams the river banks, seeking redemption for her grave sins. She prays on children who roam alone at night, mistaking them for her own lost children. Now she wanders the earth looking for new children to claim as her own.

Her legend is used as a way to scare kids into behaving. So children, remember to heed your elders’ warnings, for La Llorona’s cry will forever serve as a chilling reminder of the consequences of envy and the price one might pay for submitting into its treacherous grasp. 

Legends like these Infiltrate the consciousness, reminding all who hear them of the depths of human fragility and the consequence of unfathomable anguish. This serves as a reminder to cherish our loved ones and live with compassion, for we never know when the calm Rivers of Life may only just storm that transform our hearts into vessels of sorrow.

Today, Echoes of La Llorona’s tormented cries still ripple through the generations. In the depth of the night, she wanders, eternally searching for redemption and souls, forever etching her ghostly presence into the unsuspecting hearts of those who call this place home. 

 The next time you want to give in to envy or anger, just remember how these things had driven La Llorona to commit her treacherous crimes `,and how she was cursed forever for her sins.


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