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Overrated or Not

With Halloween right around the corner, ideas are in the air of which costume would look best this year. Teenage costumes now are either original or perpetual.

Undoubtedly, there are the occasional people who have no idea what to wear this year, and are probably going to choose an outfit from 2016. Here I come! With my one of a kind opinion on whether your variety of Halloween outfits are overrated. 

First, the outfit that ruins all of mankind and has an unknown origin is, drumroll please, the DIY M&M girls. The fact that this even exists is just head throbbing. The outfit consists of the usual Hobby Lobby t-shirts in the colors, green, yellow, blue, red, and brown, the hot glued letter M in the front, and the occasional tutu or black leggings. The outfit is the holy grail to DIY girls, and though it’s cheap and affordable, I wouldn’t be caught in the dark wearing this. 

An outfit that isn’t easily recognized, however it’s still a nightmare that has come to life are the Fruit of the Loom costumes. These are the most disgusting costumes I would ever think of. The fact that for Halloween I would want to be a huge fruit isn’t ideal. These costumes are to represent a green and purple grape, with an orange, and apple. In real life, it looks like many balloons sticking on to a purple or green jumpsuit, and an inflatable red and orange ball. This is as horrendous as it sounds, at one point it looked like they were two COVID 19 viruses, and a random red and orange ball. 

Likewise, another horrible costume idea is the zombie cheerleaders from the Disney movie, “Z-O-M-B-I-E-S”. The movie is as disappointing as the outfits, with the bright pink and green loose fitting cheerleader outfits, and the white knotted wings. The costume designers knew they were doing the right thing with these outfits, but were probably color blind because the colors aren’t giving.  

A group costume that is put together lazily are the group onesies. Pokemon onesies, Unicorn onesies, Lilo and Stitch onesies, etc. can be adorable if you were a kid. The fact that people will want to dress up in a onesie that probably came from the child’s section at Target and call it a costume leaves me dumbfounded. 

On the other hand, inflated dinosaurs may be funny at first, waddling around school with their tiny arms, and their tail dragging along the concrete. Though it may be like this at first, the problem with the costume is that after 10 minutes the costume begins to deflate. By the end of the day, you end up walking around in a costume identical to a trash bag. While you may be able to inflate the dinosaur again, the hum of the loud fan creates additional noise pollution. 

A costume that shouldn’t be available in stores are clown costumes. Clown costumes could go either way. You could look like a scary PTSD inducing clown or a loud circus clown with the potential to haunt anyone’s dreams. The scary version of a clown costume is usually bought from a local Halloween store. Made with a thin, crusty, wrinkled fabric, the most ridiculous patterns on the sleeves, dirty brown prints or blood prints, and an additional scary mask. The circus clown version is like the other one, bought from a Halloween store, however on the thin fabric there aren’t blood stains. Instead, there are loud colors, and bold prints, with the big red cushion nose, and a crusty rainbow wig, identical to Marty’s outfit from Madagascar 3”. 

Lastly, a group costume that I feel is a bit overrated are the Harry Potter outfits. I’m not denying the fact that I enjoy Harry Potter and its own fantasy world. As well, that I will always be a Slytherin baby by heart. However, I feel as if the costume on adults gives off a cringe look, showcasing the deep childhood obsession over Harry Potter. Instead, if I’d wanted to dress up as a character in Harry Potter, it would have been when I was much younger. 

Overall, different costumes can come around as being able to make it or break it, and knowing which ones to choose and not choose can help with future costume decisions. So, if you are ever in need of what not to wear, you have it now.


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