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Some questions will never be answered

What if you were in a simulation and the other people around you were just sims being tested before coming into the simulation.

You could describe us being in a simulation in the same way you play games such as GTA (Grand Theft Auto), and The Sims except instead of us controlling the characters we are the characters. Are we playing our game? Or is someone controlling us? The simulation conspiracy is so complex that it can’t be answered with a single solid explanation. There are different pieces of evidence provided but not confirmed that we are in a simulation. 

One example has been the glitches in the matrix such as when you been in a car accident, in some case patients have claimed that they had been in a dream and woke up in the ambulance confused, they have no idea where they were or even a person losing their memory this can happen because if you see something that doesn’t look right and you know it’s fake but you know it’s not suppose to be fake, you get booted into a new simulation because you found a flaw in the other one.

Another theory would be the inconsistencies of our childhood memories from the ages of a newborn to when we were starting to go to school. That’s because when we get to school they teach us a system that’s been taught to many generations, which grooms us into being followers and since our minds are still developing, they began to mold into the process and order (into a regular American citizen) of: going to school, graduating, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, then die we are taught to go through the motions without asking questions. That’s what a leader/creator wants: they want sheep who don’t know they’re being led to slaughter, because that’s what always happens at the end of the game, we die. As my dad says “There has to be more to life than living to die” 

They say that kids are smarter than us because we THINK we have all knowledge there is to know about life but one thing that a kid does that adults feel they don’t need to do anymore, is ask questions. 

They’re so curious, they have ideas. What does that do? What is the purpose of life? Are we real? We are continuing the cycle of doing something because of a person who taught another person who taught us the system, we don’t know other ways. So who do you think is smarter, a child, or a child’s grandparent? 

People who don’t have questions are the ones that are living a good life, where they don’t have to worry about what’s next for them, then we have the other half of people whose life are so involved with work that they don’t have any questions or input because you’re working and trying to survive, that you don’t have the luxury of asking questions anymore.

The simulation conspiracy also raises the question on whether or not there’s a God. What if God was made up like Santa Clause  and the Tooth fairy as a comfort because people need hope, we need something to cling onto during hard times because if people are scared, they’re going to start asking questions about; where we came from? and why were we created? They created God as a leader to be feared because fear is what keeps us in our place, fear is what controls us and limits our boundaries. Ask an old man, “What’s the secret to life?” They’ll respond with “Well God and being honest” but those are values brought to you by the notion of there being a God. 

There has to be a way to cheat the system people have probably already found ways to, they just don’t want to tell us. Everything created can be destroyed. As a wise person once said “Everything done by man can be beat by man” if they made a bomb they know how to disarm it, “Anything that they make, they can reverse engineer it and make it work with or against you” but they aren’t going to because why would they want to give up that control over us.

Having balance in a simulation is the necessity for it to work. That’s why I believe the theory of God was created because if not one tiny thing can throw the whole system out of balance. As an old man once said “You can’t give everyone everything because you spoil them but you can’t not give them everything because you traumatize them” There has to be a balance in life. 

Why are we in the simulation? To that, conspiracists do not have an answer. Some ideas suggest we came into the simulation on a mission and the deja vu we get is our another sim doing the same mission, but failing then the creators sending you in to see if you have the ability to finish the mission or task we are given in the simulation. Conspiracist in general often get tossed around because people don’t understand them and don’t want to believe them, they put them into the category of crazy, psycho or this person is not mentally stable because people are scared they’re scared, because if the future isn’t in the ‘hands of God’ whose hands are they in and why? 

They must be doing it for their own entertainment and profiting it. There is never a game in this society where someone doesn’t profit from it. There will never be an answer for this conspiracy but if you ever want to test it out, go to a store and tell the cashier good night when it’s morning and if they have no reaction to it, then they’re part of the sims being tested before coming into the simulation. 


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