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Is California Tripping?

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Albert Hofmann was the first person to study and ingest Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), and it eventually was used for medical purposes in 1947.

LSD has been decriminalized in a few states in the US, and it seems that California is next.

The California state senate recently passed a bill to legalize psychedelics and now it is in Governor Newsom’s hands to finish it off.

Obviously, with a drug like LSD, there has been a mass concern from Californians. However, there are other reasons for legalizing psychedelics than just for self-pleasure. 

The main use of psychedelics is for people with terminal illnesses, to help them cope with the fear of death. 

“The reports I got back from the subjects, from their partners, from their families were very positive, that the experience was of great value, and it helped them regain a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning to their life,” said German Lopez in an article about why LSD should be legalized.

As much as the legalization of LSD can have negative effects, it also can positively affect the lives of many. 

The main concern from the opposing view is that with legalization, LSD will be abused, becoming more dangerous as it will be more readily accessible.

However, this will only make the use of the drug safer. The drug will always be accessible whether it’s legal or not. It’s better off to make it government-regulated so it’s not being bought off the street. 

LSD also aids with military veterans and their mental health issues, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which can be caused by being exposed to violence.

“We ask these men and women to go fight for our freedoms,” said Connie Leyva, a Democratic legislator. “So if this is something that is helping them live a normal life, I feel like I shouldn’t stand in the way.”

If legalizing this drug will help our veterans live their lives normally after risking theirs for our freedom, I think it’s completely logical. 

While I think it is important that we make the drug accessible, it is also crucial that we put limits; it is still a drug, and can still be harmful. Depending on the dosage you take, your brain will react differently. You could have a “good” or “bad trip”.

With the drug being legalized, people who regularly use it will have the opportunity to research safety measures in order to reap the benefits of the “trip”. 

Overall, LSD and other psychedelics aren’t as harmful as they are made out to be if they are controlled and used for the right reasons. It’s the action of criminalizing the drug that makes people think it is a huge danger to our society. 

If California does decide to pass this bill, there will be many more opportunities for the mentally and terminally ill, and it is significant that everyone is informed about the reasoning behind the decriminalization of the drug.

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