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Dear Mom and Dad

In our teenage years, we often find ourselves arguing with our parents because we suddenly feel that we know best. In some cases, maybe we do. But it’s important to remember that while we are developing our own opinions and experiencing life on our own, our parents are also trying to navigate this world of constant change. 

Right now, we are growing up around social media and complicated lines between what you can and can’t say. While we steer through these things, our parents are trying to as well. 

Everyone knows what it’s like to argue with your parents about things that will likely seem fickle later. It’s easy to get lost in these disagreements, but it is important to recognize how lucky most of us are to have a parent who cares. 

Looking at pure biology, the bond between a parent and child is one of the most beneficial for the child. 

According to, “Studies have shown that having both parents actively involved in a child’s life can provide significant social, psychological, and health benefits, and the stability of having a relationship with both parents can provide greater opportunities for children to find their own paths to success.”

Knowing this, I’d like to reflect on the vital role my parents have played in my life. 

Until recently, I never took much time to look at how much my parents sacrificed for me. I’ve been extremely lucky to have both my parents present in my life, but they have done so much more than just be present. 

The first word I would use to describe my parents is selfless. 

Growing up, my dad dedicated almost all of his weekends to my tennis tournaments. Beyond the time commitments, my dad always made sure that my brother and I knew that he loved us and that he was proud of us. Regardless of how we did in school or how we performed in tennis, at the end of the day, my dad always made sure to say “I love you.” 

From little lunch dates to father-daughter dances in elementary school, my dad always took the time to make me feel loved. 

As for my mom, she never failed to put her kids first. When we would eat dinner, my mom would be the last one to sit. She always made sure to feed my brother and me before she even thought about sitting down for a meal. Not only is my mom selfless but she is also extremely aware. If I am having a bad day or I seem down, my mom is the first to notice. Growing up, my mom was my best friend. 

Perhaps the biggest support my parents have shown is emphasizing the importance of mental health. 

For parents, the way mental health is being acknowledged and treated is new. Despite this, my parents have adapted for my sake. While they may struggle to understand what goes on in my head, they’ve never made me feel bad about it or have ever dismissed the things I struggle with. 

Most parents only ever want to see their children succeed. While kids and parents may struggle to agree on how to achieve this, it is the truth for most.

So, Mom and Dad, while I may not always be your little girl, I will always need you, and I will always look to you for support. 

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