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The long immigration process that can take decades, creating backlog
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Easier Said Than Done

Lilly Arnot, Section Editor March 8, 2024

The United States has seen rising levels of global migration that immigration agencies have been overwhelmed by, leading to the immense accumulation of individuals attempting to enter the country legally. There...

Despite California’s drought, the heavy rainfall might not be beneficial.
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Is California Still in a Drought?

Kayla Fu, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

California has a long history of droughts, the most severe being in recent years.  During times of drought, California has recorded low levels of precipitation, leading to water shortages, crop failures,...

Conde Nast includes some of the most major publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, and GQ 
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Condé Nast Strikes and the Future of Magazines

Caleb Pratt, Section Editor March 8, 2024

On January 23, more than 400 union workers who work for the media company Condé Nast staged a walkout against bargaining practices that numerous worker unions have deemed unlawful.   Condé Nast,...

Texas Department of Public Safety officers close down Shelby Park
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Texas Takes Over Shelby Park

Kari Fu, Section Editor March 8, 2024

On January 10, 2024, the Texas Department of Public Safety government took control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas. This action was done against the wishes of local authorities and city officials.  The...

Jordan sits in peril as the Middle East continues to revel in its destruction.

Rising Tensions in the Middle East

Scarlet Vandegrift, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

Tensions were boiling in the Middle East on Wednesday, January 31, when Iran warned the U.S. that Iran would respond “decisively” to any U.S. strikes.  On Sunday of that week, a bomb was dropped...

Misuse of artificial intelligence on the internet has upset congress.
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Congress Against AI

Aleish Cuaresma, Web Manager March 8, 2024

Artificial intelligence has always been a technological advancement in societies throughout history, and recently, there has been a surge in its use.  AI has begun to be implemented into various apps...

The root of Megan’s Law, the regulation that allows communities to know when a sex offender is in their area.
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What is Megan’s Law?

Cameron Croll, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

Trigger Warning:/ Mentions of rape and murder   On January 26, 2024, rapper Megan Thee Stallion released the second single off her new album; a song called “Hiss”. The track addresses many...

Protests located at Capitol Hill in Pennsylvania involving the countrys politics
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Pennsylvania Capitol Protests

C. Hyder, Section Editor March 8, 2024

Protests against government policies and decisions regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have increased within the last six months due to the expanded military action against Palestine from Israel....

The American rapper/activist, Michael Santiago Render, known as Killer Mike.
( Photo by VLNS and Loma Vista Recordings)

Killer Mike

Makenzie Aliaga, Section Editor March 8, 2024

The Grammy Awards took place on February 4, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. The Grammy’s are a very exciting, yet controversial event for the music industry.  Michael Santiago Render, also known...

Increase in Iceland Earthquakes

Increase in Iceland Earthquakes

Kari Fu, Staff Writer January 19, 2024

On Friday, November 10, Iceland experienced over 800 earthquakes in just under 14 hours. Iceland is a country with normally 500 earthquakes a week, however, with 800 earthquakes within half a day, residents...

Galactic Garbage

Galactic Garbage

Hailey Adenihun, Staff Writer January 19, 2024

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sent out a capsule to collect a sample from Benmu, an asteroid that resides near Earth. On September 24 of last year, the capsule was dropped off...

New Research on Dreams

New Research on Dreams

Caleb Pratt, Section Editor January 19, 2024

The phenomenon that is dreaming has been a lingering question for thousands of years. Numerous theories have persisted as to what dreams are and why we have them. Certain cultures and periods have come...

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