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Teachers bring their passion of their subject into the classroom and engage their students in their world.

What Inspires Our Teachers?

Logan Wells, Staff Writer March 9, 2024

Teachers are the backbone to our society, and what holds our society together. They are tasked with raising, preparing, and encouraging the next generation to go on and accomplish big things. It is...

Jordan sits in peril as the Middle East continues to revel in its destruction.

Rising Tensions in the Middle East

Scarlet Vandegrift, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

Tensions were boiling in the Middle East on Wednesday, January 31, when Iran warned the U.S. that Iran would respond “decisively” to any U.S. strikes.  On Sunday of that week, a bomb was dropped...

Clubs represent the diverse interests of students and their cultures on campus. (Freepik)

Why Joining Culture Clubs is Important

Isidora Vasquez Gonzalez, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

Just because we are halfway through the year does not mean that it is too late to learn the importance of joining a culture club. Culture clubs here on Los Osos campus have much diversity and allow people...

Many people are currently crazed about Stanley cups, as they lose focus on the issues that Palestinians face every day.

Stanley Cups Are Ugly

Cedar Delgado McNair, Section Editor March 5, 2024

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has definitely heard about the Israel occupation in Palestine, as well as the boycotts people around the world have been doing to show their support for Palestine.  One...

Over the years, veneers have gained popularity due to unrealistic beauty standards made by social media. (Pinterest)

The Growing Popularity Of Veneers

Kari Fu, Staff Writer March 5, 2024

Dental veneers are coverings that are custom-made to fit over the front surface of your teeth. These coverings hide cracks, chips, stains, or other dental imperfections.  Veneers were initially invented...

Aryan Simhadri, Walker Scobell, and Leah Sava Jeffires for Percy Jackson & the Olympians. (Photo by 20th Century Fox Television)

How “Percy Jackson and The Olympians” Blew Expectations Out of the Water

Aleish Cuaresma, Web Manager January 18, 2024

Minor spoilers for PJO.  Where were you in May 2020? I was jumping around my room screaming with excitement because the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” television show was officially announced,...

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