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Water Polo Swims to the Start of the Season

Emily Sterling, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

As the water polo season comes to a start our team begins to practice with the hopes of success this year. The team has been constantly practicing for three hours every day and has already played two games,...

Photo Credit: Yanizza  Gutierrez

Can You Dig It?

Hailey Adenihun , Staff Writer September 23, 2023

A sharp, fastball curved above the volleyball net and soared toward the floor of the Los Osos’ team side. A back-row player rushed to the ball, saving it as she scraped the floor. As the ball made its...

The Mental Health of High School Athletes

Makenzie Aliaga, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

High school sports are an exciting and important part of students' lives. Competition, friendship, and passion fuel athletes through the season, but in a vast number of cases, these things aren’t enough...

She Put The Ball on the Court

Morgan Johl, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

The girl’s tennis program has now begun and they’re ready to ace this season. Starting their season off with a strong start and with much more will win in the future.  Throughout Osos history,...

Photo Credit: Aleish Cuaresma

Varsity Football FNL

Aleish Cuaresma and Francheska Hurtado September 23, 2023

The first home game of the season officially wrapped up with the Los Osos Varsity Football Team taking the win, 55-36 against Don Lugo High School.  “It was a bounce-back and it was really huge for...

Appreciating First-Responders

Kaylee Lopez, Section Editor September 23, 2023

It used to be that appreciating first responders was a given; writing letters in elementary school or saying thank you to a police officer seems to be a lost act today.  First responders are an essential...

The Downfall of Child Actresses

Logan Wells, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

On the surface, Hollywood seems like the place where young actors can flourish and begin their long-lasting careers in the movie industry. However, with a deeper dive, some major flaws become more detectable. Over...

The Sanrio Phenomenon

Isadora Vasquez Gonzalez, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

From young children to grown adults, countless people are fascinated by the brand Sanrio and what it’s got to offer. Sanrio is a Japanese brand that consists of different animated characters, the most...

Is It Fetish Content?

Makenzie Aliaga, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

TikTok is a social media platform that is popular among teenagers and adults where users can make short videos using audio from almost every artist you can imagine.  The app also has a feature called...


Mariah Disney , Staff Writer September 23, 2023

For girls, girlhood is not just a fleeting phase, it's a transformative journey that shapes the very essence of who we are and who we will become. This pivotal time is a canvas upon which we paint our...

Bama Rush

Emily Liu, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

The process of being accepted into a sorority at the University of Alabama is an intense one. As the top sorority recruitment in the country, women from all around the world attempt to get drafted through...

The Portrait of Madeline

Caleb Pratt, Section Editor September 23, 2023

In the world-renowned Louvre, located in Paris, a half-length portrait hangs in the museum's Room 935. Only measuring two feet with a width of 0.65 meters, the portrait itself has left a notable mark on...

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