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The live action Avatar: The Last Airbender has its strengths and weaknesses. (Nickelodeon Productions)

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” Live Action Series Review

Lilly Arnot, Section Editor April 12, 2024

Rewinding the clock almost six years, back to September 2018, the latest adaptation of the once animated “Avatar: The Last Airbender” was announced. This time it would hit the screens in a live action...

This woman told her life story in a viral TikTok series! (Freepik)

Who Did I Marry? A Wife’s Revelation

Cameron Croll, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

Narrated by creator Reesa Teesa, the 50-part TikTok series “Who TF Did I Marry” took the app by storm. The app, which had previously been blamed for allegedly decreasing attention spans amongst audiences,...

The Hunger Games is generally viewed as a successful book to Screen adaptation. (Lionsgate Entertainment)

From Paper to Screen

Aleish Cuaresma, Web Manager April 12, 2024

The exciting bit of the entertainment industry is seeing two different types of media come together, and this happens most often with book to movie adaptations, taking words on paper and breathing new...

Trial of the Chicago 7 explores the anti-Vietnam war protests of the 1970s in the United States. ( Cross Creek Pictures)

“Trial of the Chicago 7” and Fighting the Law

Cedar Delgado McNair, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

Often people disregard non-fiction movies as something you would watch in class. A documentary or a retelling about a historical event. Which isn’t completely false— there are great non-fiction movies...

Shogun explores the dynamic of Japans samurai. (Paramount Television)

World of “Shōgun”

Morgan Johl, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

For centuries, Japan was under a supreme ruler, the emperor, and a hereditary nobility held power over the people, the imperial court. Over time, wealth and power began shifting and diffusing across the...

“Where is Wendy Williams?” documentary reveals the battles Williams has faced over the past two years. (Creative Commons)

Wendy Williams Should Not Be on TV

Hailey Adenihun, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

On February 22, the managing team of Wendy Williams, a popular talk show host and radio star, released a statement that she had been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia​ and frontotemporal dementia. Despite...

The album cover represents the two band members being satisfied with their work, and leaving in a well place. Their journey ends here. (JUICEY)

HYBS “Well Done” Review

Paloma Corrales, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

The two person band came out with their newest and freshest album, “WELL DONE”. HYBS dedicated a lot of time and love into this album for their fans. The album contains six different songs. Their...

In One Day, two friends navigate lifes twists, with loves complexities, over decades. (Photo by Focus Features)

“One Day” Review

Morgan Johl, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for “One Day”  “One Day” is a newly added Netflix show, adapted from author David Nicholls. This show reveals a breathtaking and emotional rollercoaster with 14 episodes.  “One...

 “Marie Antoinette” filmed and written by Sofia Coppola in 2006, told the story of Queen Marie in a more modernizing and less patronizing way representing the life of a teenage girl. (Photo by  American Zoetrope)

Sofia Coppola Archive: “Marie Antoinette”

Ilene Sanchez, Managing Editor March 8, 2024

The 2006 historical drama “Marie Antoinette”, filmed and written by Sofia Coppola, is an overdramatized concept based on Queen Marie Antoinette, played by Kirtsen Dunst. Going into this movie, most...

The new film Argylle has taken audiences by storm. (Photo by Marv Studios)

“Argylle” Espionage and Love?

Kyra Garcia, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

WARNING: Spoilers Movies in theaters have been at an uproar and booming as COVID’s uprising has slowly diminished. This movie in particular has piqued the interest of all audiences. It falls under...

Poppys Playtime has drastically improved over time. (Photo by Mob Entertainment)

Poppy’s Playtime Is Actually Good

C. Hyder, Section Editor March 8, 2024

The video game “Poppy’s Playtime” has been a hit since it released chapter one on October 12, 2021. However, as an avid horror game fan, I hated the game at its original release. Don’t get me...

Despicable Me is releasing a fourth film in the franchise. (Photo by Illumination Pictures)

“Despicable Me 4”

Sadie Jauregui, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

In the new “Despicable Me” movie, we started off by seeing two minions in a pool who ended up arguing. Then we went back to Gru’s famous car park in his home. We then clip to a scene and see the...

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